"It's On Us" White House Campaign

"It's On Us" White House Campaign

Teachers College supports “It’s On Us,” a new public awareness campaign launched by the White House on Friday, to protect women and men from sexual assault on college campuses. By focusing on the roles that every member of campus communities can play in preventing and stopping sexual assault, the campaign calls on everyone to take responsibility for creating a campus environment where sexual assault is never acceptable or tolerated, and where survivors receive full support.

(The "It’s On Us” website includes information, tips for preventing and intervening, and a video with calls to action.)

Teachers College has policies, resources, and educational programs devoted to preventing sexual assault and keeping our students safe and secure. The recently revised Columbia University Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students (which applies to students at Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College) provides overviews on recent resource developments and ongoing prevention efforts.

TC administrators continue to work with student representatives, faculty and staff to ensure that the safety, security, well-being and education of our students and community members are paramount. Anyone seeking information or counsel on this crucially important matter can contact Janice Robinson, Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs and the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

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