Institutional Aid

Institutional Aid

Your financial aid offer letter may include some funding directly from Teachers College, in addition to any federal financial aid for which you may be eligible. You could receive institutional aid in the form of different types of scholarships, grants, a fellowship or assistantship position, or other awards. Financial aid from TC is not based on your level of financial need. Any institutional aid that you receive from Teachers College is money that you will not need to repay in the future.


Teachers College provides more than $30 million each year in financial aid to our students. 


Important: If you want to be considered for financial aid from TC, then you must indicate this via a checkbox on the Institutional Aid Application, which is embedded in your Application for Admission. In addition, you may need to submit an additional application to qualify for some forms of financial aid. Your financial aid liaison can help you understand if there are special requirements for certain types of aid that apply to your situation. 

Please explore our website to learn important details about each category of Teachers College financial aid.


Our primary financial aid offerings make graduate school more affordable for many Master’s and Doctoral students.


Some of our students gain valuable academic, research or administrative experience while receiving funding for graduate school.

Endowed & Special Scholarships

Academic departments may provide a limited number of separate scholarships that pertain to students in their programs.

Grants & Other Awards

You may qualify for a TC grant or fellowship to help support your studies or research.

How to Apply for Institutional Aid

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