Dear Members of the TC Community:

The Israel-Hamas war is fueling continued increases in both Islamophobia and antisemitism in the U.S. and globally – which were already rising significantly in recent years. Teachers College abhors and condemns all forms of hate, including both Islamophobic and antisemitic rhetoric, threats and violence against Palestinian, Muslim, Jewish and Israeli peoples.  

Despite our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we must hold true to our TC values and treat one another with respect, civility and compassion. We must strive to stay in one community with each other and reject all forms of hate. Please know that we have appreciated the range of feedback to our  communications over the last several weeks and take it seriously. Our primary focus is to ensure that our campus is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all students, faculty, and staff.  

Today, I write to share that Columbia and Barnard have announced the establishment of a Doxing Resource Group to streamline support for members of the CU/Barnard community who are experiencing deliberate harassment and targeting by doxing, a dangerous form of intimidation that is unacceptable. 

While this has not occurred at TC to date, many individuals, including students at several schools across Columbia and Barnard, have been subject to doxing attacks by third parties. This includes disturbing incidents in which trucks have circled the Columbia campus displaying and publicizing the names and photos of Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian students.

The Columbia Doxing Resource Group, composed of key offices across Columbia and Barnard, will serve as a centralized point of contact for issues related to doxing, harassment, and online security. The group will work in close partnership with colleagues around Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College, including TC Student Affairs, the Office of Public Safety, and TC Information Technology.

In addition to the resources for reporting bias shared by Vice President Janice Robinson last week, Columbia has also made available to our community the following resources related to doxing, antisemitism and Islamophobia. These materials are also accessible on the Diversity and Community Affairs website and on our Student Support & Advocacy resources site. 

If you experience doxing, please contact the offices of TC Public Safety, Student Affairs and/or Diversity and Community Affairs.

As a reminder, you may report a bias or conduct related incident to any of the following offices and/or administrators by email or in-person:

If there is ever immediate risk to health or safety on campus, please contact Public Safety at (212) 678-3333 or use the TC SAFE App, the official safety app for the TC community.  

I also want to thank all of you in our TC community who have been supporting each other during these past several very difficult weeks. Your care and compassion has been shared with me, and it is so important that we continue to look out for one another.


Thomas R. Bailey
President, Teachers College