Teaching of English MA

Master of Arts (34 Points)

In this coursework-based Master’s program students gain a deeper understanding of critical issues in the field of English Education. The 34 points are designed for students to explore their interests widely through in and out of department electives, and intensely through English Education specific literature and methods courses. This program of study can enrich practicing teachers' conceptualization of the field of English Education. In addition, students interested in the field but not in a classroom teaching position are free to explore their inquiries through this flexible program of study.

Experiences and Exposures: 

  • World-class faculty will guide you through the theoretical and pedagogical stances that underpin English Education. 
  • Coursework prioritizes bridging the theory-practice gap to help students understand critical issues in the field, and consider what reflective educators might do in response to them. 
  • You’ll join a collaborative group of students from around the world who bring with them unique perspectives and life experiences.
A graduate student listens to a student in her cohort.

Admissions Information

Master of Arts

  • Points/Credits: 34
  • Entry Terms: Spring/Summer/Fall


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  • Non-Certification Track

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): January 15
  • Summer/Fall (Final): Rolling

* For details about rolling deadlines, visit our admission deadlines page.

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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Master of Arts (M.A., 34 credits)

Required courses include:

  • A&HE 4057 English Methods (3)

  • A&HE 4058 Teaching of Reading (3)

  • A&HE 4151 Teaching of Writing (3)*

  • A&HE 5518 Teaching English in Diverse Social and Cultural Contexts (2-3)**

*Taken as a 6 credit block with A&HE 4156, Writing: Nonfiction (3)

**A&HE 5518 meets both the College-wide and the New York State diversity requirements.

In addition, students must choose at least one topic-specific methods course, such as:

  • A&HE 4050 Literature and Teaching (3)

  • A&HE 4152 Literacies and Technologies in the Secondary English Classroom (3)

  • A&HE 4550 Teaching of Poetry (3)

  • A&HE 4551 Teaching of Shakespeare (3)

  • A&HE 4100 Teaching of Drama and Theater (3)

As a part of the M.A. program, students also must fulfill a Content requirement. Content coursework consists of one course in writing and one course in literature. Courses may include the following:


  • A&HE 4156 Writing: Nonfiction (3)

  • A&HE 4561 Teaching Narrative and Story (3) 


  • A&HE 4050 Literature and Teaching (3)

  • A&HE 4053 Cultural Perspectives and Literature (3)

  • A&HE 4052 Adolescents and Literature (3)

Foundations/Breadth Requirement

Foundations courses are intended to broaden students’ knowledge of the history of education, philosophies of education, and educational issues and practices beyond their particular area of concentration. All students must take at least 6 points of such courses (courses in Teachers College not designated “A&HE”) in close consultation with their advisors and with the TC Office of Teacher Education (for those students enrolled in programs leading to certification). For those seeking Initial Certification (38-credit program), foundations credits must be used to meet the New York State requirements for classes in History/Philosophy of Education, Disabilities/Special Education, and Human Development/Psychology if  these have not been taken in previous college-level coursework. These courses may be taken as pass/fail.


Electives provide students the opportunity to explore particular interests as they design their own programs in consultation with an academic faculty advisor.

Students whose program permits room for electives may take any graduate-level courses at Teachers College or Columbia University.

Master’s Seminar

All M.A. students are required to enroll in the A&HE 5590, Master’s Seminar: Reflective Practice. Students in the 38-credit program enroll in A&HE 5590 the same semester they enroll in Phase 2 of A&HE 4750, Supervised teaching of English. Students in the 34-credit program enroll in A&HE 5590 during their final semester. Within the context of this course, all students work with an instructor to design and complete their master’s projects.

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