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When you embark upon an English Education graduate program at Teachers College, you are joining a vibrant community of educators, scholars, and activists building upon our rich history as the nation's founding graduate school of education working to shape the future of English Education across the globe. You'll join a diverse body of empowered and unique voices committed to building collaboration while embracing the individual in the inimitable urban setting of New York City.  You will work to shape the way that English Education sustains and nurtures student identities across traditional and emerging forms of writing and reading. Teacher's College prepares students to think, act, and educate as inclusive and progressive leaders building the future of education.

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These tracks lead students to both a Master of Arts degree, and Initial N.Y. State Teaching Certification 

 Initial Certification Track:

This track is for prospective English teachers and includes coursework and fieldwork (student teaching)

 Professional Certification Track: 

This track is for current English teachers looking to upgrade their Initial to Professional Certification

 Combined Certification Tracks: 

This track leads to combined Initial Certification in English and TESOL.

 Other Collaborative  Programs: 

Peace Corps Fellows Program leading to Transitional B Certification (35 Credits) 

 TR@TC – TESOL and M.A. in the Teaching of English (46 Credits)

For more information:  https://www.tc.columbia.edu/teachingresidents/

These tracks lead students to either a Master of Arts or an Master of Education degree, but do not include teaching certification.

M.A. in Teaching of English (34 credits)

This is a coursework-based Master’s program which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of critical issues in the field of English Education.

INSTEP M.A. in Teaching of English (34 credits)

This online program is geared toward in-service teachers who wish to further their teaching, research, and leadership skills while remaining full time teachers in their communities.

Ed.M in English Education (60 credits)

This is a research-based Master’s program well suited for current teachers who wish to delve into deeper study of English education and/or are considering doctoral work.


These tracks lead students to doctoral degrees within the field of English Education.

Ph.D. in English Education (75 credits)

 This program is a research and coursework-based PhD designed to prepare students for scholarly work in the field of English Education.

Ed.D. in the Teaching of English (75 credits)

This program combines coursework and research to prepare students for a variety of academic and administrative career paths.

Ed. D.C.T. in the College Teaching of English (75 credits)

This program is targeted toward students who have been or plan to teach entry-level college English courses upon graduation (e.g. composition courses).

For admissions, please contact admission@tc.columbia.edu

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