The Department of Arts & Humanities is proud to present our faculty publications for the month of September 2018.

Journal Articles

Erickson, Ansley, T., & Highsmith, A. (2018). The neighborhood unit: Schools, segregation, and the shaping of the modern metropolitan landscape, Teachers College Record, 130, 1-36.

Han, ZhaoHong., & Nassaji, H. (2018). Introduction: A snapshot of thirty-five years of instructed second language acquisition. Language Teaching Research, 1-10. doi:10.1177/1362168818776992

Kang, E.Y., Sok, S., & Han, ZhaoHong. (2018). Thirty-five years of ISLA on form-focused instruction: A meta-analysis. Language Teaching Research. doi:1177/1362168818776671.

Sok, S., Kang, E.Y., and Han, ZhaoHong. (2018). Thirty-five years of ISLA on form-focused instruction: A methodological synthesis. Language Teaching Research. doi:10.1177/136216881876673.

Waring, Hansun. Z., Reddington, E., Yu, D., & Clemente, I. (2018). Going general: Responding to yes-no questions in informational webinars for prospective grant applicants. Discourse & Communication, 12(3), 307-327.

Book Chapters

Loewenthal, J. & Broughton. John. (2018). Travel imaginaries of NYC youth history, ethnicity and the politics of mobility. In M. Ward (Ed.), Youth, place and theories of belonging (167-178). New York, NY: Routledge.

Erickson, Ansley. T. (2018). Fairness, commitment, and civic capacity: The varied desegregation trajectories of metropolitan school districts. In D. Gamson & E. Hodge (Eds.), The shifting landscape of the American school district: Race, class, geography, and the perpetual reform of local control, 1935-2015. New York, NY: Peter Lang. 

Waring, Hansun. Z., & Song, G. (2018). Advice in education. In E. MacGeorge & L. Van Swol (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Advice (217-236). Oxford: Oxford University Press.