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Motor Learning study focuses on the behavioral, biomechanical, and neural bases of development, acquisition, and performance of functional movement skills. Acquisition of skill is examined over the life span in typically developing children and adults and individuals with movement disorders. Movement analysis is used to elucidate the neuromotor control processes underlying skilled performance in everyday functional behaviors. The teacher or therapist’s role in facilitating skill learning and performance is emphasized.

The program provides content relevant to students from a range of applied areas, including dance, Pilates, yoga, movement practitioners (e.g. Feldenkrais Method, Alexander technique), physical and occupational therapists, coaches, and trainers. Students can use this degree as a stepping stone for subsequent application to medical, physical therapy or occupational therapy schools.

We have state-of-the-art labs and have opportunity to work directly with individuals with movement disorders.

Our Degrees

Master of Arts

Our M.A. degree program bridges both the movement sciences and clinical or education practice.

Graduate students in a Motor Learning class.

Master of Education

Our Ed.M. provides advanced study in the movement sciences. Each course of study is individually designed to meet our students' professional needs and interests.

A student performs an assessment in the lab

Doctor of Education

Our Ed.D. focuses on behavioral, biomechanical, and neural bases of development, acquisition, and performance of movement skills.

A student walks for 3D modeling in the gait lab

Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a specialization in Motor Learning prepares students for research-intensive positions in the areas of movement and kinesiology.

Man on an exercise bike in the Neurorehabilitation Research lab


Lori Quinn, Associate Professor of Movement Science & Kinesiology

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