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Community Language Program

Community Language Program

Teachers College, Columbia University

CLP Policies

Refunds (updated December, 2018)

Starting with enrollment for spring 2019, we will be implementing a new refund policy. Please read the details below very carefully.

  • More than 7 days before the semester start date: A full refund will be made upon request. To request a refund more than 7 days before the first day of the semester, the student must only forward their payment receipt to clp@tc.columbia.edu and include the reason for the cancellation in the email body. 
  • Between 7 days before and 7 days after the semester start date: All refund requests will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee. To request a refund during this period, students must:

         1) Complete a refund request form and provide a reason for the cancellation 

         2) Forward their payment receipt to clp@tc.columbia.edu. The staff will process the refund request accordingly.

  • Refund requests that include (but are not limited to) the following reasons will result in a $20 cancellation fee:
    • Schedule conflict
    • Travelling
    • Too busy/Registered for too many classes
    • Unhappy with teaching
    • Unhappy with curriculum
  • Refund requests during this period that are not subject to a cancellation fee:
    • Class cancelled
    • Student does not qualify for class
  • Refunds will NOT be granted after the refund deadline, which is 7 days after the first day of the semester. Each semester, the refund deadline and important dates will be stated in:

         1) CLP email communication on placement

         2) Course syllabi

         3) CLP Website    

Some tips for registering:

  1. Think carefully before registering for multiple classes. If you sign up for 2 or 3 classes and then discover you are too busy, you will be subject to a cancellation fee.
  2. Think about your travel plans. If you will miss many classes, you may not be able to pass the class. Please see our attendance policy below.
  3. Read the description of our program carefully.


  • Anyone who has reached the age of 18 is eligible to register for classes. 
  • The maximum number of classes a student can take in a given semester is 3 classes.
  • The CLP does not offer visas for students because the program is part-time, but it does not require any visa documentation for registration or enrollment.
  • Class size is limited. Students are accepted only during the designated registration periods. 
  • All new students have to take the placement test in person on the test dates we have available. The test cannot be taken online. The testing dates are available on the registration page. Students are placed in levels before the first day of classes.
  • CLP students are not considered Teachers College students, nor are they considered students of Columbia University.
  • Since the CLP is a non-degree program, credits are not offered. However, we offer documents for those that need verification that they have taken courses here. Email clp@tc.columbia.edu if you need such a document.
  • We issue course completion certificates upon successful completion of the courses. Students who do not pass the course are eligible for letters of attendance. We do not issue diplomas or transcripts to students.
  • The CLP reserves the right to cancel any classes due to low enrollment.
  • There will be no class transfers after the first week of classes. No exceptions. 

Attendance Requirements

Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters

This attendance policy applies to all classes

  • If a student misses 10 or more hours, he/she cannot pass the course.
  • If a student is late for 10 classes, he/she cannot pass the course.

Level Placement

  • New students are tested during registration and placed in levels before the first day of class. 
  • Only transfers initiated by master teachers will be approved.
  • No transfers will be approved after the first week of class. No exceptions will be made.

Campus Access

  • CLP Students have limited access only to the Teachers College campus and do not have access to other Columbia University buildings and facilities. 
  • CLP Students do not have access to the Teachers College Library materials.
  • CLP Students should present CLP identification at the main entrance to enter.


  • Only online credit card payment will be accepted as our method of payment.  Checks or cash are not accepted.
  • In order to attend class, you must have paid tuition in full upon registration.

First Day of Classes

  • Before classes begin, you will be emailed your class information, including the level to which you have been assigned, your class(es), the class materials you will need to purchase, and the location of your classrooms.  
  • You should purchase your textbooks before classes begin. You can purchase them online with the link provided by the office.
  • You should go to your classrooms on the first day of classes at the appointed time. If you cannot find your classroom, please call or come to the CLP office at least 15 minutes before the first meeting.
  • All students must show proof of registration on the first day of class by showing their CLP ID cards which will be provided by the office. New students should have already received them on the day of their placement test.


Teachers College Policies Applicable to CLP Students

Although CLP students are not students of Teachers College or of Columbia University, because the program is located on the campus of Teachers College, several of its policies are applicable in part to CLP students, with some revisions.  Specifically, the following policies apply as indicated. 

Non Discrimination Policy

  • Continuing its long-standing policy to support active equality for all persons, neither Teachers College nor the CLP discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, disability, pregnancy, gender expression or any other criterion specified by federal, state or local laws. Click here for more information.

Student Conduct Code

  • This policy, as applied to CLP students, requires respectful and cooperative behavior during class and while in and around campus.  Those students who behave disrespectfully or disruptively will be subject to dismissal from all CLP programs. Abbreviated procedures will apply to CLP students. Click here for more information.

Academic Integrity and General Misconduct

  • Protection from Gender Based Harassment and Gender Based Misconduct Policies for Students: This policy is designed to prevent harassment and gender-based misconduct and provide help for those who may experience it. Abbreviated procedures will apply. Click here for more information.

  • Student Records and Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): This policy is designed to assure that your records remain private. In most cases, it requires your permission for records to be released to third parties. It also allows for correction of errors in your records. CLP records will be maintained by the CLP, not the Registrar. Click here for the Student Records and Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Statement.

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

  • Click here for the annual report where you can assess campus safety.

Disabilities Services

  • CLP students with disabilities are entitled to the same protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other relevant laws as for-credit students. For information about registering with the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities, please visit the Office's web site, www.tc.edu/OASID.  

All applicable policies are available online in the TC Policy Library. See www.tc.edu/policylibrary.

Acknowledgment & Agreement Statement:

I understand that the Community Language Program (CLP) is a lab school where teachers-in-training teach classes and where student performance is observed, photographed, and recorded for purposes of teacher training and research. By registering for CLP classes, I authorize the CLP to observe, photograph, and record my class work. I understand that these recordings, my written class work, exams, and my placement tests will be used not only to help me learn another language but also for teacher training and research and that they may be shared with other Teachers College faculty and students either in the classroom or electronically. I further authorize the CLP and Teachers College to use the recordings, photographs and written work in all media for any other non-profit educational purpose.

The CLP reserves the right to send me email correspondence about my classes, level, placement and other related topics. In addition, the program may also send me promotional materials about future events and courses.