Dissertations & Publications

Dissertations & Publications

2019-2020 Dissertations

Content Analysis of Spiritual Life in Contemporary USA, India, and China (Elsa Lau, 2019; Sponsor: Lisa Miller, PhD)

Symptom Networks of Common Mental Disorders in an Adult Primary Care Sample in India (Cemile Ceren Sonmez 2019; Sponsor: Helen Verdeli, PhD)

Differences in Maternal Behaviors Affecting Child Health Status in Probably Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers in Rural Uganda
(Arielle Jean Pierre 2020; Sponsor: Helen Verdeli, PhD)

Examining Social Networks of Infant and Young Child Caregiving in Uganda and Its Association with Maternal Depression (Chien-Wen (Jen) Kao; Sponsor: Helen Verdeli, PhD)

Context Sensitivity: A Prognostic Patient Characteristic for Digital Psychotherapy (Thomas Derrick Hull; Sponsor: George A. Bonanno, PhD)

Psychological Adjustment to Disability: Heterogeneous Trajectories of Resilience and Depression Following Physical Impairment or Amputation (Jed McGiffin; Sponsor: George A. Bonanno, PhD)

The Structure of Mental Health in Haiti: A Latent Class Analysis of Common Mental Disorders, Severe Mental Disorders, Neurological Conditions, Clinical Symptoms, and Functional Impairment
(Larissa Portnoff; Sponsor: Helen Verdeli, PhD)

2018 - 2019

The Psychological Factors and Neural Substrates Associated with Metacognition among Community-Dwelling and Neurologic Cohorts of Older Adults (Leigh Colvin, 2019, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Yoga and Self-Psychology: An Open Trial Pilot Study (Jennifer Drapkin, 2019, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Sex, Dishonesty, and Psychotherapy (Melanie Love, 2019, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

In-session Predictors of Self-harm Behavior in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (David Lynch, 2019, Sponsor: Randall Richardson, Ph.D.)

Linguistic Context Sensitivity as a Predictor of Prolonged Grief Symptoms (Catherine Stolove, 2019, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Perseveration and Health: An Experimental Examination of Worry and Relaxation on Autonomic, Endocrine, and Immunological Processes (Megan Renna, 2019, Sponsor: Douglas Mennin, Ph.D.)

Demographic and Psychiatric Correlates of Suicide Attempt in a Nationally Representative Sample (Adam Rossi, 2019, Sponsor: Randall Richardson, Ph.D.)

Intrinsic Spirituality and Acute Stress: Neural Mechanisms Supporting the Relationship Between Spirituality and Reduced Stress Responsivity (Clayton McClintock, 2019, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

2017 - 2018

Best Self Visualization Method: Clinical Implications and Physiological Correlates (Lorne Schussel, 2018, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Client Engagement in Psychotherapy: The Roles of Client and Beginning Therapist Attachment Styles (Nicole Yoskowitz, 2018, Sponsor: Lena Verdeli)

Adolescent Depression and Suicidality in the USA: A Look at YRBS Profiles and Health Risk Behaviors as Predictors in the Past 10 Years (Bryan Cheng, 2018, Sponsor: Lena Verdeli, Ph.D.)

The Centrality of Sadness: Networks of Depression, Grief, and Trauma Symptoms in a Spousally Bereaved Sample (Matteo Malgaroli, 2018, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Measuring Change in Social Communication Behaviors: Reliability, Validity, and Application (Rebecca Grzadzinski, 2018, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D., Catherine Lord, Ph.D.)

Trained, Peer Mentorship and Veteran Support Organization Membership to Assist Transitioning Veterans: A Multi-arm, Parallel Randomized Controlled Trial
(A Preliminary Investigation) (Joseph Geraci, 2018, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Resilience and Psychopathology among Homeless Young Women (Marina Mazur, 2018, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Self-Concealment, Psychological Flexibilty and Severity of Eating Disorders (Zoe White, 2018, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

A Qualitative Investigation of Psychotherapy Clients' Perceptions of Positive Regard (Jessi Suzuki, 2018, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

2016 - 2017

Factors Impacting Psychological and Health Outcomes in Mothers and Infants Following NICU Hospitalization of the Infant (Jenny Lotterman, 2017, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Investigating the Mental Health Needs of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Removal Proceedings: A Mixed Methods Study (Charlie Baily, 2017, Sponsor: Lena Verdeli, Ph.D.) 

Chemotherapy for Cancer and the Aging Brain: Blessing or Burden? (Ruth Morin, 2017, Sponsor: Liz Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

Concealment of Suicidal Ideation in Psychotherapy (Matt Blanchard, 2017, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

A Qualitative Investigation of the Nature of 'Informal Supervision' Among Therapists-in-Training (Sidney Coren, 2017, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

The Relationship of Attachment to Religiosity, Spirituality, and Mindfulness in Secular and Religious Populations in Israel (Ellie Cobb, 2017, Sponsor: Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Spirituality, Character and Spiritual Development in Middle School Adolescents in Israel: A Longitudinal Study of Positive Development (Ariel Kor, 2017, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Loneliness and Emotional Flexibility Deficits in Bereavement (Oscar Yan, 2017, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

2015 – 2016

Measuring Ability to Enhance And Suppress Emotional Expression: The Flexible Expression Regulation Ability Scale. (Charles Burton, 10/2016, Sponsor: George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Expressive Flexibility and Affective Flexibility and the Effects of Practice and Feedback Instructions. (Zhoying Zhu, 10/2016, Sponsor: George Bonnano, Ph.D.)

Yoga and Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials (Sarah Zoogman, 10/2016, Sponsor: Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

2014 – 2015

The Relationship Between Sibling Relationship Quality and Psychological Outcomes in Emerging Adulthood. (Ashley Kronen Marotta, 10/2015, Sponsor: Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

Social Preference Among Affluent Middle School Students: Implications for Short-Term and Long-Term Adjustment. (David Rowe, 10/2015, Sponsor: Suniya Luthar, Ph.D.)

2013 – 2014

Patient Change Trajectories over a Year of Psychoanalytic Therapy and Psychoanalysis. (Alex Behn, 10/2014, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

The Impact of Emotional Distress on Cognitve Performance in Borderline Personality Disorder. (Sarah Bellovin-Weiss, 10/2014, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

The Role of Relatedness and Expressive Flexibility in the Prediction of Complicated Grief. (Monica Brooker, 10/2013, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

The Investigation of Helping Behavior in the Virtual World. (Debaki Chakrabarti, 10/2013, Sponsor; Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

Association between Adversity and Prosociality in Children Exposed to Trauma in Four Sites in West Africa. (Monica Ghailian, 10/2013, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

The Effects of Shared Reality on Educational Experience and Regulation. (Valery Hazanov,10/2014, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Spirituality and Depression in Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse. (Martha Jacobs, 10/2014, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Interpersonal Religious Struggles within Orthodox Jewish Families in Israel. (Steven Pirutinsky, 10/2014, Sponsor; Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

Interpersonal Distress and Interpersonal Problems Associated with Depression. Bonita Schneider, 2/2014, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Psychological Distress among mothers of young children in rural Uganda and its association with child health and nutritional status. (Eleni Vousoura, 6/2014, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Predictors of Obesity in Adults: The Roles of Demographic Factors, Body Dissatisfaction, Depression and Life Stress. (Dmitri Young , 10/2013, Sponsor; Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

In the Moment; Prenatal Mindful Awareness and its’ Relationship to Depression, Anxiety, and Birth Experience. (Sara Zoeterman, 2/2014, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

2012 – 2013

Neuropsychological Test Performance and Other Predictors of Adult Outcome in a Prospective Follow-up Study of Children with ADHD. (Erica Roizen, 10/2012, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

The Expression and Regulation of Sadness in Complicated Grief. (Ashley Bullock, 10/ 2012, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

The Impact of Outness and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Formation on Mental Health. (Sarah Feldman, 10/2012, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Religious Affiliation and Gender: Differences in the Association Between Religiousness and Psychological Distress. (Joseph McGowan, 10/2012, Sponsor; Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.)

Effects of Exposure to Parental Divorce on the Sibling Relationship in Emerging Adults. (George Nitzburg 10/2012, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

The Temperament-Psychopathology Link; How Does Difficult Temperament Predict Risk for and Presentation of Major Depression Among Offspring at High and Low Risk for Depression. (Brian Sherman, 10/2012, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

2011 – 2012

Investigating Objective Markers of ADHD across Development: Micromovements and Reaction Time Variability. (David Anderson, 10/2011, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Attitudes Towards the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression Among South Asian Muslim Americans. (Sadia Chaudhury , 10/2011, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Relational Spirituality in Adolescents: Exploring Associations with Demographics, Parenting Style, Religiosity, and Psychopathology. (Alethea Desrosiers ,10/2011, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

That’s Not What Your Friends Say: Does Self-Reported Post Traumatic Growth Translate into Friend Ratings of Improvement? (Laura Goorin, 10/2011, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Anger Expression and Adaptation to Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Role of Disclosure Context. (Sumati Gupta, 10/2011, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

A Pilot Fidelity Study of Listen-Empathize-Agree- Partner (LEAP) with Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Mental Health Clinicians. (Mia Ihm, 5/2012, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Effects of Parental or Caregiver Death Prior to Age Eighteen on Depressive Symptoms and Grief Following Miscarriage. (Anitha Iyer- Kothari, 10/2011, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Affective Cultural Countertransference Reactions to Asian American Clients: A Mixed Methods Study. (Sherrie Kim, 5/2012,  Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Community Impact of Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy in Rural Uganda. (Eric Lewandowski, 10/2011, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Religiosity and Depression: A Ten Year Follow-up of Offspring at High and Low Risk Depression. (Mia Sage, 10/2011, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

The Experienced Self and Others Scale: A Technique for Assaying the Experience of One’s Self in Relation to the Other. (Erel Shvil, 10/2011,  Sponsor; Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D. )

Patterns of Symptom Improvement among Depressed Adolescents Treated with Interpersonal Psychotherapy Adolescent Skills Training (IPT-AST) in School Based Clinics. (Vijayeta Kumari Sinh, 10/2011, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

The Identity Formation of Psychotherapists in Training: A Dialectical and Personal Process. (Liat Caspi,  2/2012, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D. )

2010 – 2011

Postpartum Flourishing: Motherhood as an Opportunity for Positive Growth and Self-Development. (Aurelie Athan, 2/2011, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Mapping Longitudinal Trajectories of Adjustment Throughout College: A Latent Growth Mixture Model Approach. (Isaac Galatzer-Levy, 10/2010, Sponsor; George Bonanno, Ph.D.)

Spirituality and Depression in Gay Men and Gay Fathers: Understanding the Cultural Contradiction. (Justin Jones, 10/2010,  Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Incorporating Evidence –Based Practices into Psychotherapy Training in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Programs. (Rebecca Kennedy, 10/2010, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.)

Factors Predicting Maternal Perceptions of Child’s Temperament in a Group of African-American and Dominican Women at Risk for Psychological Distress: Constructing a Model from Recalled Early Maternal Bonding, Adult Maternal Attachment and Maternal Demoralization. (Maria Beatriz Plaza, 10/2010, Sponsor; Barry Farber, Ph.D.)

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion in the Transition to Motherhood; A Prospective Study of Postnatal Mood and Attachment. (Jeanette Sawyer Cohen, 10/2010, Sponsor; Lisa Miller, Ph.D.)

Grief and Depression Following Miscarriage: Examining Unique and Shared Correlates and Patterns of Change at Six Months Post-Loss. (Karen Shoum, 02/ 2011, Sponsor; Helen Verdeli, Ph.D.) 

Blanchard, M., & Farber, B. A. (2015). Lying in psychotherapy: Why and what clients don’t tell their therapist about therapy and their relationship. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 1-23.

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