Global Mental Health Lab

Director: Helen Verdeli, Ph.D. In this lab, we focus on research and capacity-building in prevention and treatment of mental health conditions in under-resourced communities around the world. 

Graduate Student Journal of Psychology

The Graduate Student Journal of Psychology (GSJP) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to clinical and counseling psychological research and practice. Articles are written and reviewed by graduate psychology students from around the world.

Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Studies

Director: Christine Cha, Ph.D. In this lab, we address practical questions about suicide and self-injury by applying methods from psychological science. 

Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab

Director: George Bonanno, Ph.D. In this lab, we specialize in the study of how humans cope with extreme adversity.


Teachers College Resilience Center for Veterans and Families

The Resilience Center for Veterans & Families pairs groundbreaking research on human emotional resilience with clinical training of therapists to assist veterans and their families as they transition back to civilian life.

Psychotherapy, Technology & Disclosure Lab

Director: Barry Farber, Ph.D. In multiple sections of this lab, we are primarily engaged in studying disclosure and lying in therapy (in therapists and patients, especially those with eating disorders), and the nature and consequences of the therapist’s provision of Positive Regard.

Regulation of Emotion in Anxiety and Depression (READ) Lab

Director: Douglas Mennin, Ph.D. In this lab, we aim to delineate the multi-componential (subjective, physiological, expressive) processes that contribute to emotion reactivity and dysregulation in in chronic anxiety and co-occurring depression. 

Spirituality and Psychology Lab

Director: Lisa Miller, Ph.D. In this lab, we are devoted to exploring the intersection of spirituality, positive psychology, mental health, and flourishing. 

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