Sue, Derald W. (dw2020)

Sue, Derald Wing

Professor of Psychology and Education

Office Location:

430 HMann

Office Hours:

Mondays 12:00-2:00pmTuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm

Educational Background

B.S., Oregon State University; M.S. Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University of Oregon.

Licensed Psychologist, State of California #3997.
National Register of Health Service Providers.
Certified Hypnotherapist.

Scholarly Interests

Multicultural counseling and psychotherapy. Psychology of racism and antiracism. Cultural diversity. Cultural competence. Multicultural organizational development. Mental Health Law.

Selected Publications

Understanding Abnormal Behavior (Houghton Mifflin).


Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice (Wiley).


Overcoming Our Racism:  The Journey to Liberation (Jossey Bass).


"The diversification of psychology: A multicultural revolution" (American Psychologist).


"Multidimensional Facets of Cultural Competence" (The Counseling Psychologist).


Multicultural Counseling Competencies: Individual, Professional and Organizational Development (Sage).

Selected Publications

Publications:  Journal Articles

Sue, D. W. (under review).  Race Talk: The Psychology of Racial Dialogues.  American Psychologist. 

Sue, D. W., Rivera, D. P., Watkins, N. L., Kim, R. H., Kim, S. & Williams, C. D. (2011). Racial dialogues: Challenges faculty of color face in the classroom.  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. 17, 331-340.

Sue, D. W. (2011).  The Challenge of White Dialectics:  Making the “Invisible” Visible.  The Counseling Psychologist, 39, 415-422.

Publications: Chapters 

Sue, D. W. (in press).  The continuing multicultural journey.  In M. Gallardo (Ed.). Embracing cultures: From Mainstream to Multiculturalism. Newbury Park, CA:  Sage.

Sue, D. W. (2010).  Reflections and observations of persistence and memory:  A collection of essays on diversity.  In S. J. Hill & A. E. Hinton (Eds.).  pp. 7-10. Persistence and Memory.  Susquehanna:  Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Sue, D. W. (2010). Microaggressions, Marginality and Oppression.  In D. W. Sue (Ed.).  pp. 3-22. Microaggressions and Marginality.  Hoboken, NJ:  Wiley.

Publications: Books

Sue, D. W., Gallardo, M., & Neville, H. (in press). Case studies in multicultural counseling and therapy.  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Sue, D., Sue, D. W., Sue, D., & Sue, S. (2014).  (2nd edition). Essentials of Understanding Abnormal Behavior.  Boston: Cengage.

Sue, D. W., Sue, S., & Sue, D. (2013).  Understanding abnormal behavior. (10th edition). Boston: Cengage.

Sue, D. W. & Sue, D. (2013).  Counseling the Culturally Diverse:  Theory and Practice. (6th edition). Hoboken, New Jersey:  John Wiley & Sons.

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Derald Wing Sue

Professor of Psychology and Education

Making the Safe Space Safe

Derald Wing Sue has made generations of therapists and social scientists aware of the need to address issues of race, gender and sexual orientation

Celebrating Psychology

AT TEACHERS COLLEGE, we believe that collaboration across the academic disciplines offers the best hope for solving the most challenging problems in education and human development. One of the most compelling stories of collaboration throughout our history has been the work of our faculty in psychology.

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