Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Involved

There are multiple ways to join a student organization: 

  1.  Scroll through the Directory to see what organizations exist, and contact them via the platforms provided. 
  2.  Attend the Involvement Fair at the start of the fall and spring semesters. 
  3.  Check the bulletin boards, your myTC Portal and student email account for updates about events and meetings hosted by each of the organizations. 
  4.  Stop by the Office of Graduate Student Life & Development, email, or call (212) 678-3697.

Applications for new student organizations open in May for the fall semester and in October for the spring semester. The requirements for starting a new organization are posted on the GSLD website. Please contact with any additional questions about this process.

The process to re-start a student organization is the same as starting a new student organization. Please contact with any additional questions about this process.

For Student Leaders

Please fill out the Event Request Form with all of the information needed to make the event be a success. Once GSLD receives the form submission, we will be in contact with the student organization to continue the event planning process.

GSLD does all of this for you! All a student organization leader needs to do is fill out the Event Request Form and GSLD handles it from there.

Check the Student Org Event Details form to check-in on what GSLD still needs to accomplish for your event. This can be found in your student organization's Google Drive folder. 

GSLD will be able to make all of the purchases for student organizations. Links to necessary purchases should be included in the Event Request Form.  

Without advanced permission, student organization leaders should not be purchasing event items on their own with the expectation of reimbursement. 

Yes! Information about grants for student organizations can be found here

Policies & Procedures

The Request to Serve Alcohol form must be submitted to GSLD a minimum of two weeks before the event. This form can be found in the Event Request Form or your student organization's Google Drive folder. 

If there are 50 or more expected attendees, bartending service must be purchased for the event through GSLD.

The Film Screening form must be submitted to GSLD a minimum of 10 business days before the event. A public performance license must also be obtained at least 10 business days before the event from the copyright owner. For films or television shows that are acquired from the Columbia or Teachers College library, proof of license may not be required. All film screening events must have an educational component.

Student organizations can use their budget to provide monetary compensation for lecturers and performers who are not affiliated with Teachers College. Lecturers and performers who are affiliated with TC can be compensated in different ways, please contact GSLD for more information.

Hosting an event off-campus is possible. For example, some student organizations have had events at restaurants within the community; GSLD is able to call the restaurant in order to purchase food orders that fall in line with the student organization’s budget. The off-campus location must be ADA Compliant. Please talk with GSLD to verify that your off-campus event is consistent with the university’s policies.

What about an event/trip outside of New York City?

Student organizations are not allowed to utilize their budget towards conference attendance/registration, transportation, nor housing accomodations. For more information about reimbursements for TC students presenting at a conference, please check out the Provost’s Grant for Conference Presentation & Professional Development (food & beverage expenses not permitted). 

All student organizations who are interested in hosting a career-related event and/or partnering with the TC NEXT career office must contact GSLD and email

All recognized student organizations can host meetings, events, and programming virtually through Zoom. Virtual programs must still go through GSLD and student leaders will need to fill out the Event Request Form. 


All virtual programs must follow TCIT's Zoom security recommendations.


We also recommend that all programming be as accessible as possible in regards to providing captioning and ASL interpreters. Please reach out to GSLD for more information on how to do this. 


The Zoom Webinar feature is also available for student organizations through GSLD's Zoom account. Utilizing this function allows only the host and panelists to be seen, heard, and share their screen. Participants can still utilize the chat and/or Q&A functions. Student leaders can request this through the Event Request Form. Please note that the Webinar feature is available on a first-come basis.  

General Questions

Student organization leaders can look at the Inventory List located in their student organization's Google Drive.

You can contact the Office of Graduate Student Life & Development by emailing, calling (212) 678-3697, or stopping by the office.

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