Event Request Form

All student organizations must fill out the Event Request Form in order to host an event on campus. To fill out the Event Request Form, click here.

Please use the following timeline when submitting the Event Request Form:

Small Scale (e.g., board meetings)

  • 2-3 weeks in advance – requires little-to-no assistance (i.e., room reservation, facilities/media requests, CulinArt, food, etc.)

Medium Scale (e.g., symposium, colloquium, focus/support groups)

  • 3-5 weeks in advance – requires some-to-moderate assistance (i.e., funding/budgeting, room reservation(s), facilities/media request(s), CulinArt, food, alcoholic beverage service, honorarium payments and/or gifts, etc.)

Large Scale (e.g., multiple day/event programming, conference, gala, etc.)

  • 6-8 weeks in advance – requires significant assistance (i.e., funding/budgeting, room reservation(s), facilities/media request(s), CulinArt, catering, alcoholic beverage service, travel arrangements for honored guests, public safety, etc.)


Any changes to the Event Request Form must be emailed to 3 business days prior to the day of the event. Changes made after the 3-day deadline will be accommodated at the discretion of GSLD.


Event Logistics

Room reservations through 25LIVE, food services through Culinart or outside vendors, Media Services requests, room layouts through Facilities, Business Services requests, and any purchases must be done through GSLD. To find more information on what these departments can provide, please refer to the Student Leader Handbook.    

For additional information, please see the Event To-Do List in your organization's Google Drive folder.

The Office of Graduate Student Life & Development offers the following event promotion resources exclusively for TC Registered Student Organizations:

Want to utilize these resources? Here’s how:

  • Fill out the Event Request Form and select the resources required.  
  • All promotional material must be sent to GSLD a minimum of a week prior to the event in order to be added to the above resources.
  • To be included in the eNewsletter, the event flyer must be shared to via Canva by Wednesday at 5pm EST prior to dissemination. An event description must also be included.
  • To get flyers printed, please send the flyer to along with the quantity, size, and whether it should be black & white or color.
  • The Office of Graduate Student Life & Development oversees several display cases located throughout the College (near main College entrances / 1st floor lobbies), of which student organizations may promote their event. If your organization would like to promote an event via a printed flyer, please submit 4 copies to the GSLD front desk.

Please refer to the following guidelines to be considered for event promotion via GSLD forums. 

There are three main categories of information that will be promoted by GSLD forums:

  • Events sponsored/co-sponsored by the Office of Graduate Student Life & Development, including sub-entities, such as Registered Student Organizations.
  • Institutional announcements from the Vice Provost for Student Affairs.
  • College-wide events with community appeal (ex: State of the College, President's Office, Convocation, Orientation, Office Closures)

 The following types of information will not be approved for posting:

  • Sales of any type, except those sponsored by the Office of Graduate Student Life & Development and/or received prior approval from the Vice Provost for Student Affairs.
  • Displays for private charity organizations (ex: Red Cross, Salvation Army, religious services).
  • Courses that are offered as part of the regular academic curriculum.
  • Meetings or events that are personal in nature and/or not related to the regular function of the College.

GSLD reserves the right to modify content as appropriate due to space and viewing limitations.

Promotional requests are subject to review by GSLD. A request for event promotion does not constitute approval. 

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