The Dean-Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services

The Dean-Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services is a diverse training and research facility,offering a wide range of educational and psychological services to children,adolescents, adults and families in the greater New York area.  The primary mission of the Center is to provide students enrolled in specific professional, masters and doctoral degree programs with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to practical work with clients in a clinical setting.  As such, the Center is an integral part of the teaching and training of graduate students in the School Psychology,Reading Specialist, and Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs at Teachers College.  Reading Specialist students gain critical clinical experience and learn professional and ethical standards for conducting reading assessment and intervention to children, adolescents and adults who struggle with literacy.  Members of the faculty closely supervise the provision of these services.  In addition to providing invaluable training to Reading Specialist graduate students, the Center is able to offer affordable services that meet high professional standards to a wide variety of people in the community, and has liaisons with schools, agencies, hospitals and mental health clinics to support progress and development.

Coordinator of Reading Services:  Trena Rauner, MA
Contact Information: Box #070
(212) 678-3262


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