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HUD 4120 Methods of empirical research

An introduction to the methods of scientific inquiry, research planning, and techniques of making observations and analyzing and presenting data.

HUDK 4021 Developmental psychology: Infancy

Review of research and theory in early perceptual, cognitive, and social/emotional development, with particular attention to the interaction of biological and environmental factors in early life.

HUDK 4022 Developmental psychology: Childhood

Children's cognition, perception, representation, language, affect, personality, and sexuality. Family structure and school as they influence these aspects of childhood.

HUDK 4023 Developmental psychology: Adolescence

Theoretical and empirical studies of classic and current theories of how adolescents construct their identity and develop physically, cognitively, morally, emotionally, and socially.

HUDK 4027 How Children Learn Math

The development of informal and formal mathematical thinking from infancy through childhood with implications for education.

HUDK 4901 Research and independent study

Permission required.

HUDK 5020 The development of creativity

Major theories and contemporary research in creative work, emphasizing case studies of exceptional and historically influential individuals.

HUDK 5023 Cognitive development

Theory and research on the development of cognitive processes across the lifespan.

HUDK 5024 Language Development

Survey of research and theory in the development of language, beginning with communication and the origins of language in infancy and emphasizing acquisition of the forms of language in relation to their content and use.

HUDK 5029 Development and socialization across the lifespan

Theory and research regarding the interaction between naturally developing personality structures and socialization processes throughout life.

HUDK 5040 Development and psychopathology: Atypical contexts and populations

Using contemporary research as the basis, the focus is on the interface between classical developmental psychology theories and patterns of development identified in atypical contexts (e.g., poverty) and among atypical populations (e.g., resilient youth). Implications for interventions and policy are also discussed.

HUDK 5121 Children's Social and Emotional Development in Context

Contemporary theory and research on children adaptation to developmental tasks of childhood. Comparison of typical and atypical pathways in social-personality development. Analysis of the logic and method of empirical studies of development.

HUDK 5125 Cross-cultural psychology

Survey of psychological studies of development in different cultures, with emphasis on perceptual and cognitive issues and methodological problems specific to cross-cultural research.

HUDK 5324 Research Practicum

Students learn research skills by participating actively in an ongoing faculty research project.

HUDK 6036 Child and Family Policy I

Provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on child and family policy. Also provides a foundation of knowledge concerning the role of child and family perspectives in informing policy.

HUDK 6520 Development Over the Lifespan: Doctoral Seminar

Permission required. How people become socialized and how psychology deals with the process in terms of developmental concepts.

HUDK 6901 Advanced research and independent study

Permission required.

HUDK 7501 Dissertation seminar

Permission required. Development of doctoral dissertations and presentation of plans for approval. Registration limited to two terms.

HUDK 8900 Dissertation advisement - Developmental Psychology

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertation. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. See the section on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees for details.

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