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The Developmental Psychology programs focuses on the development of individuals across their lifespan within the context of family, peer groups, child-care and after-school programs, schools, neighborhoods, and larger communities and society. We consider the well-being of children, youth, and adults, vis-a-vis the cognitive, emotional, social, academic, and health domains. Our research focuses on the disparities among groups as well as the ways in which equity among groups may be promoted via educational and societal strategies. Our curriculum stresses theory and research in the service of policy and practice.


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In the Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology program, graduate students acquire familiarity with basic theoretical and research orientations as well as exposure to substantive knowledge in the areas of cognitive, language, personality, and social functioning and development. Students study deviant as well as normal psychological functioning within a developmental framework.

The doctoral degree prepares students for faculty positions in colleges, graduate schools of education, and universities, and for positions as research associates in laboratories, biomedical schools, foundations, policy research firms, governmental agencies, and NPOs.

Throughout their program, our doctoral candidates work in a close apprentice relationship with a faculty advisor of their choice. All Ph.D. degrees require an empirical research dissertation.


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