Dissertations Chronologically

    -    Kuganathan, Prashanth, "Remaking Lives in Northern Sri Lanka: Migration, Schooling, and Language in Postwar Jaffna."
    -    Wortham, Andrew, "Playing Gay: Tongzhi Organizing Fun and HIV/AIDS Politics in Southwest China.”
    -    Abbas, Chelsea, "Conflict, Change, and Social Relations in a Costa Rican Border Village: An Ethnographic Study of Delta, Costa Rica."
    -    Brennan, Sarah, "Shifting Selves: Queer Muslim Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands."
   -    Burnside, Bruce, "Inclusive national belonging - Intercultural perfomances in the "World- Open" Germany."
   -    Dubuisson, Darlene. "Place-making in a fractured academic landscape: Haitian intellectual exile and academic diaspora homecomings”
    -   Mayorga, Luis Rodrigo, "Between Hope and Hopelessness: Citizenship Education and Student Mobilization in a Chilean Public High School." (Finalist for Outstanding Dissertation Award by Council on Anthropology and Education)
   -    Zhang, Michelle: "What are friends for?: Making do and working out in Beijing." 


    -    Dvorak, Alexander Stephen, "Becoming an International Student: What Do Newcomer Adolescents Do with a High School Designed For Them?"

    -    Lassila Smith, Astrid Renata, "Forced Migrant Women Confront Institutional Constraints in a Community College."



    -    Le, Audrey, "A New Place to Work and Play: Play Labor and the Production of the New-Worker Subject."

    -    Lee, Jessica JungMin, "Elite Reproduction of Korean Yuhaksaeng in Top-Ranked American Universities."

    -    Qashu Lim, Nadine Marian, "An Ethnographic Exploration of Moral Agency in Emergency Medicine."



    -    Bunting-Hudson, Laura Lynn, "The Art of the Hustle: A Study of the Rap Music Industry in Bogota, Columbia."

    -    Chang, Yan-Di, "Situated Teaching: Educating Medical Students Through Legitimate Peripheral Participation."

    -    Chidsey, Meghan Marie, "Mediated Empowerments: An Ethnography of Four, All Girls' "Public Schools" in North India."

    -    Christian, Elaine Elisabeth, "Sheperds, Servants, and Strangers: Popular Christianity, Theology, and Mission among Tanzanian Lutheran Ministers."

    -    Karasioglu, Isa Kagan, "Iranian Encounters in Azerbaijan: The Case of Nardaran."

    -    Le Fevre, Lisa Marie, "Strategies and Ties of Resilience: Bulgarian Elderly in an Aging and Depopulating Landscape."

    -    Nwachukwu, Jude Uwaoma, "The Political Economy of Agricultural Development in Nigeria."

    -    Scroggins, Michael Jason, "'This Is a New Thing in the World': Design and Discontent in the Making of a 'Garage Lab.'"



    -    Mann, Monica Ann, ”Tourists Without Borders: An Anthropological Study of Voluntourism as a Form of Humanitarian Engagement."

    -    O'Hare, Brian Joseph, "At the Edge of the Slope: Views from a Multicultural Geriatric Affordable Housing Facility."

    -    Sattar, Muntasir, ”'Pray for My Results': Making One's Self Worthy for Employment in Lahore."


    -    Oliveira, Gabrielle Marcelletti Rocha de, ”Transnational Care Constellations: Mexican Immigrant Mothers and their Children in Mexico and in New York City."

    -    Souleles, Daniel Scott, "Songs of Profit, Songs of Loss: Private Equity Investing in New York City."

    -    Wessler, Sarah, "'Playing for Real': Six Adolescent Girls in an After-School Program."

    -    Bal, Mustafa, "Anatomy of a Revolution: The 2011 Egyptian Revolution."
    -    Beryl, Louise Lamphere, "Ways with the Word in the New World: Language and Literacy Socialization among Born Again Christian African Families in Massachusetts."
    -    Celisku, Sinan, "The Making of the Padanian Nation: Corruption, Hegemony, Globalization, and Legitimacy."
    -    Chang, Janny, "A Matter of Trust: Three Case Studies of Chinese and Zambian Relationships at the Workplace."

    -    Freeman, Scott, "'Cutting Earth': Haiti, Soil Conservation, and the Tyranny of Projects."

    -    Graham, Leigh Llewellyn, "The 'IT' Girls of Arabia: Cybercultured Bodies, Online Education, and the Networked Lives of Women at a University in Saudi Arabia."
    -    Jayaram, Kiran Carder, "Hitting the Books and Pounding the Pavement: Haitian Educational and Labor Migrants in the Dominican Republic."

    -    Lamaozhuoma, "Tibetan Communities in Transition: An Ethnographic Study of State-Run Formal Education and Social Change."

    -    Phillips, Stephanie Jean, "The Stage and the Dance in Medias Res: An Ethnographic Study of Ideologies Associated with Tradition and Continuity in a French Ballet Academy in the United States."

    -    Sawamoto, Akiko, "Vietnam's Rural-to-Urban Migrant Families: Educational and Social Inequalities in a Transitional Society."
    -    Schiffer, Jeffrey, "Bead, Feather and False Dichotomies: Indigenizing Urban Aboriginal Child Welfare in Canada."

    -    Van Tiem, Jennifer Margaret, "'Many Secrets are Told around Horses': An Ethnographic Study of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy."

    -    Velasquez, Karen, "Communication and Education at Work: Latino Immigrants Making Sense and Dominating Language in Koreatown, New York City."

    -    Webb, Torica LaSha, "Becoming and Being Aware and Engaged: An Exploration of the Development of Political Awareness and Participation among Maori and Pakeha Secondary School Students in Aotearoa/New Zealand."

    -    Asmi, Rehenuma, "Language in the Mirror: Language Ideologies, Schooling and Islam in Qatar."
    -    Chao, Grace, "Elite Status in the PRC: Its Formation and Maintenance."
    -    de Wolfe, Juliette, "Parents Speak: An Ethnographic Study of Autism Parents."
    -    Hunt, Kirsten, "The Social Economy of Buying, Selling, Trading, and Consuming Drugs: A Comparison of Individual and Subcultural Strategies Among Methamphetamine Users and Dealers in Two Cities."

    -    Hutchinson, Carole Lynn, "Growing Toward the Sun: How the Good-Food Movement Catapulted a Small New York City Third-Sector Organization into Rapid Growth, Success, and Many Challenges."

    -    Keenan, Katharine Anne, "Imagining a New Belfast: Municipal Parades in Urban Regeneration."
    -    Nims, Kelly, "The Goffal Speaks: Colored Ideology and the Perpetuation of a Category in Postcolonial Zimbabwe."

    -    Tawasil, Amina, "The Howzevi (Seminarian) Women in Iran: Constituting and Reconstituting Paths."

    -    Uchikawa, Sayaka, "Less Is Not Enough: Dilemma of Alternative Primary Schooling Opportunities In Dahka, Bangledesh."

    -    Zycherman, Ariela, "The Changing Value of Food: Localizing Modernity Among the Tsimane Indians of Lowland Bolivia."

    -   Beaubrun, Elizabeth, "Distance Learner Ecologies of the University of the West Indies Open Campus Program."
    -   Gogel, Leah P., "In the House of Change: The Making and Remaking of Female Youth in Residential Treatment."

    -   Baldwin-Jones, Alice, "The Jamaican Marronage, a Social Pseudomorph: The Case of the Accompong Maroons."
    -   Murata, Akiko, "Brokering Culture and Labor: An Anthropological Analysis of IT Offshore Labor Between Japan and India."
    -   Nicewonger, Todd Evans, "Fashioning the Moral Aesthetic: An EthnographicStudy of the Socialization of Antwerp Trained Fashion Designers."
    -   Pham, Theresa Thao, "The Certificate of Virginity: Honor, Marriage and Moroccan Female Immigration."

    -   Posecznick, Alex, "Admission in Practice: On the Ongoing Production of an Unranked College."
    -   Shani, Serah, "'I Will Not Lose My Children': The New York City Ghanaian Network Village and Their Academic Success Pursuits."

    -   Kromidas, Maria, "Race, Multiculturalism, and 'Childhood': The Emergent Cosmopolitanisms of Kids in a New York City School."
    -   Tucker, Jed Brown, "The Liberal Arts Unbound: Higher Education in an American Prison, 2005--2006."

    -   Civico, Aldo, "Making Sense of Paramilitary Violence in Columbia. A Cultural Account."
    -   Crumly, Amy, "The Historical Construction of Women's Associations in Twenty-First Century Spanish Basque Country."
    -   Kasirye, Gillian K., "Fulani Girls in New York City: Identities, Family and Schooling."
    -   Koyama, Jill Peterson, "Making Failure Matter in New York City: NCLB,Supplemental Educational Services (SES), the Department of Education(DOE), Tutoring Companies, and Schools."
    -   Lepisto, Eric, "Unraveling Youth: Social ties and structural adjustments in provincial Azerbaijan."
    -   Sato, Shinji, "Dynamics of Language Education: Preschool Practice in Japan."
    -   Sharon, Nurit, "Fragile Lives, Suburban Families in an Age ofInsecurity: A Study of Parents in a Suburban Community in Bergen County,New Jersey."
    -   Verma, Michele. "Indo-Caribbean Hindu Practice in Queens:  Ethnomethods of Constituting Place, Practice and Subjects."

    -   Brown, Mikaila Kameeda, "'I Did Not Come to Count the Cows, I Came toDrink the Milk': The Influence of an Intent to Return on the MigrationExperience of Foreign Educated, Middle Class Jamaicans."
    -  Walkley, Susan Newell, "The Polysemic Spine: Embodied Practices in the Management of Back Pain."
Wesolowski, Katya, "Hard play: Capoeira and the politics of inequality in Rio de Janeiro."

    -   Charlton, Audrey, "Cat Born in Oven is Not Bread: Jamaican and Barbadian Immigrants in Cuba between 1900 and 1959."
    -   During, Elizabeth, "Transnational Lives: Sierra Leonean Immigrants and Refugees in Metropolitan New York."
    -   Gonzalez-Castaneda, Olga, "Unveiling Secrets of War in the Peruvian Andes."
    -   Lowe, Marie, "The Impact of Industrial Fishing on Localized Social and Environmental Change in Alaska's Aleutian Islands."
    -   Valas, Joan, "The Impediments to Change: Public Health Concerns and the Specter of Emergency Preparedness."

    -   Cohen, Peter F., "Ambiguous Engagement: Invasion, Intervention and Participation in a Brazilian Squatter Settlement."
    -   Johnson-Messinger, Tracy, "The (Im) Possibilities of Becoming: HmongYouth and the Politics of Schooling and Development in Thailand."
    -   Roome, Kristine, "The Art of Liberating Voices: An Ethnography of an Exhibition."
    -   Taddei, Renzo, "Of Clouds and Streams, Prophets and Profits: ThePolitical Semiotics of Climate and Water in the Brazilian Northeast."

    -   Burgess, Lewis, "Social Differentiation in a South Korean Periurban Populace."
    -   Citron, Lisa, "Continuity and Change: Anthropological Perspectives on the Informal Economy in Marrakech, Morocco."
    -   Cristillo, Louis, "God Has Willed It": Religiosity and Social Reproduction at a Private Muslim School in New York City."
    -   Jiwa, Munir, "Aestheticizing Politics and Politicizing Aesthetics:Visual Artists and the Production and Representation of MuslimIdentities in the United States."
    -   Sabin, Portia, "Truths, Universally Acknowledged": Friendship and Romance as Education Between College Students in America."
    -   Young, Paulette, "Cloth That Speaks: African Women's Visual Voice and Creative Expression in Ghana (West Africa)."

    -   Hafford, Carol, "Between Sisters and Cousins: Child Caretaking and theReproduction of Familial Interdependence Across Dominican MigrantHouseholds."
    -   Leak, Kathryne, "Issues in Educational Innovation for an Urban Black Baptist Church-Based School."

    -   Messinger, Seth, "Structures of Feeling in a Psychiatric Clinic."
    -   Mullooly, James, "Work, Play and Consequences: What Counts in a Successful Middle School."
    -   Rice, Michelle, "Anthropological Perspectives on Fishing Management."
    -   Stratton, Allison, "The Cultural Work of Hard of Hearing in Sweden."

    -   Hartley-Moore, Julie, "Rural Tropes: Tourism, Nationalism, and Festival in a Swiss Village."
    -   Shandy, Dianne, "Perils and Possibilities of Nuer Refugee Migration to the United States."
    -   Smith, Elva Lee, "Linkages and Barriers: Education on Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin."

    -   Burke, Charlanne, "Dangerous Dependencies: The Power and Potential of Youth on Botswana."
    -   Kaufman, Leslie, "Building Castles in the Sky: The Domestication of Daily Life in Urban Russia."
    -   Millington, Samuel, "Shifting Sands on the Wai'anae Coast: An Ethnographic Glance at Homelessness and Mental Illness."

    -   Broad, Kenneth, "Climate, Culture, and Values: The 1997-98 El Nino Peruvian Fisheries."
    -   Buse, William, "The Alternate Session: Memory and Membership in a Psychoanalytic Society."

    -   Adelona, Ebun, "The Social Relations of Health."
    -   Barnum, Elizabeth, "Creolization and Commodification of Art and Craft in Barbados."
    -   Lauwerysen, Herman, "Irrigation and Vodou: A Study of Change in the Artibonite Valley, Haiti."
    -   Mitchell, Vernay, "Choice and Resistance in Ethnic Relations among the Ewe in a Developing Togolese Town."

    -   Cairoli, Laetitia, "Garment Factory Workers in Morocco."
    -   Kenny, Mary, "Hidden Heads of Households: Child Labor in Northeast Brazil."
    -   Lafayette, Robert, "An Anthropological Examination of Aspects of MalteseCulture: The Maltese in Malta and the Maltese in New York City."
    -   Sharma, Sita, "Health Seeking Behavior of Tamang Women."

    -   Curtis, Richard, "The War on Drugs in Brooklyn, New York: Street-Level Drug Markets and the Tactical Narcotics Team."
    -   Dei, Kojo Adonten, "Illicit Drugs and Minority Youths in a Low-Income Neighborhood."
    -   Scripps, Robert Kittredge, "The Very Old in the Community-Based Setting:The Functions of Food, Space and Time in Social Organization."
    -   Weiss, Linda, "Women Alone: Causes and Consequences of Non-Marriage and Marital Disruption Among High Caste Hindus in Nepal."

    -   Lowes, Susan, "The Peculiar Class: The Formation, Collapse, andReformation of the Middle Class in Antigua, West Indies, 1834-1940."
    -   Resnik, Susan, "The Social History of Hemophilia in the United States(1948-1988): The Emergence and Empowerment of A Community."
    -   Sirvent, Maria, "Participatory Research on Established Order, PopularCulture, and the Engagement of the Working Classes in Buenos Aires."

    -   Andina, Michelle, "Is Two Better Than Too Many?: Reproductive Behavior of Rural Jamaican Women."
    -   Gounis, Kostas N., "The Domestication of Homelessness: The Politics of Space and Time in New York City Shelters."

    -   Miller, Ronald, "Allocating Educational Opportunity: Systemic Ethnography of an Inner City High School Program."
    -   Shapiro, Delores, "Symbolic Fluids: The World of Spirit Mediums in Brazilian Possession Groups."
    -   Vom Eigen, Keith, "Science and Spirit: Health Care Utilization in Rural Jamaica."

    -   Ainger, Hilary, "From Hacienda to Production Cooperative: Historical Process and Agrarian Reform in Peru's Southern Sierra."
    -   Ibraz, Tassawar, "Myths and Realities: Religious/Cultural Perceptions and the Productive Roles of Rural Pakistani Women."

    -   Brookshire, Joan, "A Well-Crafted Death: The Symbolic Restructuring of Death in Contemporary American Society."
    -   Foster, Nancy, "Contexts of Guianan Amerindian Identity."
    -   Papagaroufalis, Eleni, "Greek Women in Politics: Gender Ideology and Practice in Neighborhood Groups and the Family."
    -   Schnepel, Ellen, "The Politics of Language in the French Caribbean: The Creole Movement on the Island of Guadeloupe."

    -   Bosco, Joseph, "Rural Industrialization in a Taiwanese Township: Social and Economic Organization and Change."
    -   Chevannes, Alston, "Social and Ideological Origins of the Rastafari Movement in Jamaica."
    -   Heaney, William, "Circular Labor Migration and Entrepreneurship in the Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea."
    -   Mack, Richard, "Access and Activism."
    -   Silverman, Cheryl, "Jewish Emigres and Popular Images of Jews in Japan."
    -   Tice, Karin, "Gender, Capitalism and Egalitarian Forms of SocialOrganization in San Blas Panama: Socio-Economic Differentiation of aRural Region Through Commercialization of Mola Handicrafts."

    -   Frenzel-Berra, Robert, "The Social Organization of an Ozark Neighborhood."
    -   Herr, Phillip, "Peasant Economy and Agrarian Reform in the North Central Highlands of Honduras."
    -   Orr, Robert, "Social Change Among Religious Change Agents."

    -   Klumpp, Donna, "Masai Art and Society: Age and Sex, Time and Space, Cash and Cattle."
    -   Ryan, Loretta, "Lowell in Transition: The Uses of History in Urban Change."

    -   Saravia-Shore, Marietta, "National Origin Desegregation and Bilingual Education: The Inversion of Ideology and Practice."
    -   Sullivan, Mercer, "Getting Over: Economy, Culture, and Youth Crime in Three Urban Neighborhoods."

    -   Georges, Eugenia, "The Causes and Consequences of International Labor Migration from a Rural Dominican Sending Community."

    -   Gill, Lesley, "Commercial Agriculture and Peasant Production: A CaseStudy of Agrarian Reformism and the Development of Capitalism inNorthern Santa Cruz, Bolivia."
    -   Russell, Christine, "Upper Class Women and Men in the United States: AnInvestigation into the Significance of Gender and Class."
    -   Wali, Alaka, "Kilowatts and Crisis among the Kuna, Choco, and Colonos:National and Regional Consequences of the Bayano Hydroelectric Complexin Eastern Panama."

    -   Martinez, Ruth, "Socioeconomic Reintegration of Return Migrants to Puerto Rico."

    -   Hamid, Ansley, "A Pre-Capitalist Mode of Production: Ganja and the Rastafarians in San-Fernando, Trinidad."
    -   Kaslow, Andrew, "Oppression and Adaptation: The Social Organization andExpressive Culture in an Afro-American Community in New Orleans,Louisiana."

    -   McCabe, Helen, "Cooperative Education in the Community College: A Critical Analysis."

    -   Lubic, Ruth, "Barriers and Conflict in Maternity Care Innovation."
    -   Schieffelin, Bambi, "How Kaluli Children Learn What to Say, What to Do,and How to Feel: An Ethnographic Study of the Development ofCommunicative Competence."

    -   Gronseth, Evangeline, "Patterns of Mobility in Post-Independence Jamaica."
    -   Peet, Robert, "Migration, Culture and Community: A Case Study from Rural Nepal."
    -   Tripp, Robert, "Economic Strategies and Nutritional Status in a Compound Farming Settlement of Northern Ghana."

    -   Barclay, Albert, "The Mumias Sugar Project: A Study of Rural Development in Western Kenya."
    -   Dreher, Melanie, "Working Men and Ganja: Commonalities and Variations in Rival Jamaican Communities."
    -   Gilbert, Dorothy, "Recent Portuguese Immigrants to Fall River, Massachusetts: An Analysis of Relative Economic Success."
    -   Johnson, Twig (Willard), "Work Among Portuguese Fisherman: Towards a Model of Social Production."
    -   Lewis, Arnold, "Sharonia: Education and Social Inequality in an Israeli Town."
    -   Murray, Gerald, "The Evolution of Haitian Land Tenure: A Case Study in Agrarian Adaptation to Population Growth."

    -   Laffan, Paul, "Jackson's Meadows: A Rural Commune in a Changing Society."
    -   Moock, Joyce, "The Migration Process and Differential Economic Behavior in South Maragoli, Western Kenya."
    -   Rogers, Claudia, "Illegal Entrepreneurship and Social Networks in Rural Jamaica."
    -   Schwartz, Frances, "Continuity and Change in Student Adaptation to OneAlternative School: The Transformation of Academic Behavior."

    -   Cassell, Joan, "A Group Called Women: Recruitment and Organization in Contemporary American Feminism."
    -   Donahue, John, "Circular and Return Aspects of Labor Migrations in Southern Colombia."
    -   Tramm, Madeline, "Social Mobility in Jamaica: Possibilities Presented by the Bauxite Industry."

    -   Ascher, Carol, "Power and Authority in a Rural School: A History of the Green Valley Central School System."
    -   Danna, Josephine, "An Anthropological Exploration of the Influence of a Sicilian Peasant Culture on Cognition."
    -   Kelley, John, "Political Structure and Conflict in a Mexican Ejido."

    -   Montandon, Cleopatra, "The Development of Science in Geneva in theXVIIIth and XIXth Centuries: The Case of a Scientific Community."

    -   Hendricks, Glenn, "The Dominican Diaspora: The Case of Immigrants from the Dominican Republic in New York City."

    -   Heath, Shirley, "Language Planning in Mexico: Colony to Nation."
    -   Schaeffer, Joseph, "Videotape Techniques in Anthropology: The Collection and Analysis of Data."
Walker, Malcolm, "Power Structure and Political Behavior in a Community of the Dominican Republic."

    -   Bunster, Ximena, "Adaptation in Mapuche Life: Natural and Directed."

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