International Educational Development EdM

Master of Education in International Educational Development

A graduate student studies in the TC library using a book and her laptop.

Admissions Information

Master of Education

  • Points/Credits: 60
  • Entry Terms: Fall Only

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): January 15
  • Summer/Fall (Final): April 15

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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International Educational Development (IED – code: INTL) 

Check the Course Planning sheet in the Student Handbook for the most recent degree requirements.

Coursework (at least 60 graduate level credits, including up to 30 transferred credits).

Ed.M. coursework falls into four broad areas:

Area 1: Core Courses (12 credits)

  • ITSF 4580 International Comparative Education & Development Studies (Part 1) 

  • ITSF 4581 International Comparative Education & Development Studies (Part 2) 

  • Two Research Methods Courses (Not Limited to ITS Methods Classes)

Area 2: Cluster-related courses (at least 18 credits)

  • Courses counting towards the cluster must be faculty advisor- approved.

  • Students considering a change in the cluster must discuss the change with the faculty advisor.

  • In some cases, transferred credits may be applied in this area.

Area 3: Transcultural/Area Studies (at least 15 credits)

  • Courses must come from at least three of the following categories: topics, research methods, professional skills, internship/practicum.

  • Transferred credits may be applied in this area.

Area 4: TC Electives (at least 15 credits)

  • To fulfill the TC breadth requirement, Ed.M. students must take at least 6 points of courses that are at TC but outside of the International and Comparative Education program. Courses offered by other programs within the ITS department (anthropology) can also count as TC breadth electives if they are outside of the student’s concentration.

  • Other elective courses can be taken outside of the ITS department or transferred from other schools.

Transfer credit:

A maximum of 30 credits may be transferred from other recognized institutions. Only graduate courses which have been (1) completed with grades of B or higher, (2) submitted on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution, (3) granted/assigned graduate credit on the transcript of that institution, and (4) completed prior to enrollment at Teachers College may be considered for transfer credit. Transfer credit is awarded at the discretion of the faculty advisor and according to College policy. After registering for the first semester, students should obtain and fill out an Advanced Standing Review (ASR) application from the Office of the Registrar and return it to the Office of the Registrar. Transcripts will be evaluated and sent to the International and Comparative Education Program Assistant, who will then contact the student with further instructions. The entire process can take several months.

Integrative Project (IP)

  • Completion of an IP is required for the Ed.M. degree. Please see the guidelines for Masters’ Integrative Project (IP) in the student handbook.

  • Students should consult with the faculty advisor about the IP at least one semester before the intended graduation date. After the IP topic has been approved, the IP Advisors are available to guide students through the completion of the IP.

  • Students who are working on the IP but not registered for any other classes may register for IND 4000 (Masters Candidate).


  • Full-time students who transfer the full 30 credits can complete the Ed.M. degree within one academic year (fall semester, spring semester, and summer session).

  • In order to graduate, students need to review their coursework on Degree Audit (accessed through myTC portal) and have it approved by their faculty advisor. Once the IP is completed, the student's faculty advisor must approve it through Degree Audit. Students may contact the Registrar for specific deadlines. Students must submit a soft and hard copy of the IP to be filed in the International and Comparative Education Program office (374 GDH). Students will complete a release form indicating whether or not they grant permission for the IP to be viewed by other students.

For more information, review the full International and Comparative Education Student Handbook here.

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