We are very pleased to introduce you to Dr. Vidur Chopra, our new post-doctoral fellow in the International and Comparative Education Program. Dr. Chopra's research focuses on the intersections of education, forced migration and citizenship studies (please see bio below). 
Vidur Chopra

Vidur Chopra’s research is centered in the discipline of Sociology and draws from cross-disciplinary thinking at the intersections of education, forced migration and citizenship studies. His work focuses on examining the ways in which education enables global, local and transnational understandings of membership and belonging for youth affected and displaced by conflict. His work has two substantive strands: One focuses on the inclusion of refugee youth within national systems of education and its subsequent implications for policy and classroom-level practice, and the diffusion of this policy across different national contexts; the second strand focuses on examining conflict-affected youth and adolescents conceptions of citizenship and membership and their strategies to navigate the deeply unequal structures that they continually confront. He has a wide range of research, policy and practice-based experiences within humanitarian and development contexts with the UN (UNHCR and UNICEF) and NGOs in East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Email: vc2301@tc.columbia.edu