Financial Aid FAQs for New Students

Financial Aid FAQs for New Students

Teachers College provides scholarship assistance to its students, including international students, through a variety of scholarship funds.  International students may receive assistance through funds designated for the general student population or specifically for international students.

These scholarships funds are limited in number, so the competition is very keen. In order to assure a diverse student population, the scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and professional promise. They provide partial or full tuition waivers only. They do not include any funds to cover living expenses, fees, medical insurance, or books and supplies.

All new international students who apply by the 'early' or 'priority' deadline are considered for financial aid automatically. Scholarship decisions are made by the admitting academic departments, not by the Office of Admission, the Office of Financial Aid, or the Office of International Student Services.

To request written confirmation of your department's financial aid decisions, you should complete and submit a Scholarship Application Form to the Office of Financial Aid. A copy of the form is available from the Financial Aid web site at

You may wish to contact your academic department for information on other possible sources of assistance; however, teaching and research assistantships are limited, and are usually available only to advanced graduate students. International students are not eligible for U.S. Government student loans or College Work Study (CWS). However, you may be able to obtain funding from your own government, the U.S. Government, or private organizations. Additional information may be obtained from your nearest U.S. Information Service or Educational Advising Center.

Visit the Funding and Financial Aid Opportunities for International Students web page for more information.

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