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April 2012

Spotlight On: Tying Teacher Evaluation to Student Test Scores

TC's President, faculty and alumni weigh in
A Group Of TC Faculty Condemns The Release Of Teacher Evaluations Based On Student Test Scores
Nearly 70 members of the TC faculty question "the claim that teacher quality can be accurately evaluated using NYC valued-added models and procedures." (Published: 3/5/2012) Read more...
There is no evidence that evaluating teachers solely on the basis of their students' performance on standardized tests improves schools, and releasing the yearly "rankings" of individual teachers is demeaning and demoralizing. (Published: 2/28/2012) Read more...
Alum Diane Ravitch: Release Of NYC Teacher Evaluations Will Publicly Humiliate Many Good Educators
In two blogs in the New York Review of Books, Ravitch argues, first, that public release of teacher evaluation will drive many good teachers from the profession, and, second, that U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan deserves a failing grade for his performance thus far. (Published: 2/27/2012) Read more...
Faculty And Alumni Discuss The Pros And Cons
Contrasting views from six TC faculty members and an alumna who is principal of a high-performing Long Island public school (Published: 2/27/2012) Read more...
Aaron Pallas: On Teacher Evaluation, DOE Wants Efficiency, Teachers Want Fairness
But those values collide head-on in New York State education law, the Professor of Sociology and Education and frequent blogger writes on Gotham Schools. (Published: 2/8/2012) Read more...
TC's Eric Nadelstern: Peer Review For Teachers Would Strengthen The Profession
The Professor of Educational Leadership and former Deputy Schools Chancellor in New York City says peer review professionalizes teachers and improves their skills. (Published: 2/16/2012) Read more...

Also in this Views on the News

Professor Genishi Asks: In Race to the Top, Who's Accounting for the Children?
Celia Genishi and co-author Anne Haas Dyson write that the federal funding Race "defines accountability as meeting the reductionist benchmarks of standardized tests." (Published: 3/15/2012) Read more...
CCRC's Tom Bailey: Measures of Community College Graduation Rates Need Improvement
In The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Director of the Community College Research Center writes that community college completion rates are "distorted" and misrepresent how well they fulfill their mission. (Published: 3/5/2012) Read more...
In Education Week, TC Alumnus Dan Brown Compares His Teacher Prep Experience with NY Teaching Fellows and Teachers College
Brown, a high school English teacher in Washington, D.C., writes that, after a highly unsatisfactory year with the New York Teaching Fellows in the Bronx, he came to Teachers College to build a "sustainable path" to a teaching career. (Published: 1/18/2012) Read more...
Do Big-Time Sports Mean Big-Time Support for Universities?
The benefit of athletic programs to universities' bottom lines can be quantified, Judith
Scott-Clayton, an Assistant Professor at TC's Community College Research Center, writes in the
New York Times' "Economix" blog. (Published: 1/27/2012)
Rebell, Wolff: "America Does Not Have a General Education Crisis; We Have a Poverty Crisis."
Michael Rebell, Professor of Law and Education Practice, and Jessica Wolff, Director of TC's Comprehensive Educational Opportunity Project, write in Education Week that America will attain educational equity only by addressing "substantial socioeconomic barriers" that limit school success for many. (Published: 1/19/2012) Read more...
2012 Academic Festival
Jeffrey Sachs Will Keynote TC's
Academic Festival on April 21
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