Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS)

Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS) FAQs

AEGIS (Adult Education Guided Intensive Study)
AEGIS is a highly selective, fast-track cohort program leading to the Ed.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership for mid-career professionals who work full time, and who choose to pursue a doctorate in a concentrated format. The program emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning. Scholar practitioners are helped to examine and critique theory and professional experience.

In existence since 1981, the Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS) program is a fast paced professional development program leading to an Ed.D. that emphasizes the formation of the scholar-practitioner through a 3-5 year program of week-end classes and independent study.

AEGIS is designed as a doctoral program of the highest academic quality for mid-career and senior professionals. AEGIS incorporates our understanding of the unique nature of adult learning and education in social, organizational and global contexts.

Our cardinal concern is to foster contextual awareness, critical reflection and collaborative learning. Mindful of the increasingly rapid and profound changes in society and the workplace, AEGIS seeks to help adult educators become critically aware of the contexts of their actions, as well as the various assumptions that underlie their thoughts and/or formulations and practice. Building upon their diversity, the AEGIS participants will acquire familiarity with alternative perspectives for interpreting reality. We see this as a necessary step toward the collaborative learning that is needed to address today's most pressing challenges in the workplace and in society at large.

The AEGIS program is designed for a particular clientele: senior professionals with substantial experience in program development, administration of continuing education, staff development, human resources development and management, adult learning and training. The program is geared to the interests of professionals who help adults learn in a variety of settings: universities and colleges, business and industry, health care institutions, public schools, community organizations, unions, libraries and museums, the armed forces, government agencies, vocational education and staff training programs, consulting organizations, international agencies, proprietary schools and the educational media. Participants share an interest in adult learning and often use their own programs as a focus for graduate study.

The early deadline was November 1, 2016
The final deadline was January 2, 2017
The application for admission to AEGIS is now closed.  Applications for the next cohort will open in Fall 2018.
For detailed instructions, please see the PDF below

AEGIS Instructions

Yes, tuition for the AEGIS program is a flat rate per semester—currently $12,000 per semester, for the cohort beginning in Summer 2017. (Tuition is subject to change.). Of the 90 credits needed for the Ed.D, 39 of them will be transferred in. The other 51 credits are all required courses which are linked to the fixed tuition rate per semester. There are no policies that would allow for an exemption.

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