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Student Life

The program in Adult Learning and Leadership hosts a number of events for students to promote learning outside the classroom and foster a sense of community within the program. Every semester, we offer professional development and social opportunities. Programming and professional development events are announced via our program website and through our program listserv. All admitted students are added to our program listserv.


Students are encouraged to join student chapters of professional associations as well as enroll under national memberships for organizations. A list of some of the professional associations associated with the field of Adult Learning and Leadership can be found on our website. In addition, students are encouraged to attend and participate in professional conferences as well as take advantage of opportunities within Columbia University and the New York City area.


The atmosphere within the Adult Learning and Leadership program can be described as collaborative, friendly, and relatively informal. Oftentimes, students work in groups on assignments and projects or get together socially.

There are about 25 student organizations at Teachers College, representing various aspects of the school's diverse student body. In addition, the Office of Student Activities and Programs organizes a range of activities on a regular basis, including workshops, social events, and networking opportunities. For more information, please visit the Student Development and Activities website:

Computing Services
Information on the computing services workshops, locations, and services are available online:

Fitness Center
Teachers College has a recently renovated pool for student use. Additionally, Teachers College students have access to the gym at Columbia University. Information is located at:

International Student Services
Information is located at:

Informational workshops on library structure, library renovations, research skills, and technology is available via the library's website:

Teacher College students also have full access to the Columbia University and Barnard College library system.

Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Information is available via the website:

Office of the President for Diversity and Community
Information is available at:

Office of the Registrar
Information is available at:

Student Handbook
Information for new and current students about TC and its policies is available at:

Student Demographics

Adult Learning and Leadership students come from all over the United States, as well as from many other countries. The majority of our students are from the metropolitan New York area. To learn more, check out the map of where our students are from:
Students' Map

On average, our M.A. students from previous years were in their twenties. Our entering Ed.M. and Ed.D. students tend to be in their late twenties and early thirties and above when starting the program. However, the age range across all the degree levels is quite wide.

The racial/ethnic composition of every incoming class varies from year to year, but we strive consistently for a broad range of diversity in our community: race and ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, religion, and many other features of background. For example, the incoming class of 2011-2012 was comprised of approximately 30% students of color, 45% White, 5% foreign and 20% other or students who chose not to respond.

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