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Principles and Practices of Organization Development Program

Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation

Workshop Schedule

WORKSHOP I: March 30 - April 3, 2020

Focuses on interpersonal awareness and the skills necessary for effective OD consultation. Participants are asked to learn a particular consulting model using a number of engaging methodologies. First, they practice consulting with each other. Then, they work as a group to prepare for a client interview based on a real case. This work is video taped. The video tape helps participants understand their own behavior in teams, and how teams form. The highlight of the week is the group's work with a real client. This client joins the group for a day and provides feedback to the participants.

WORKSHOP II:  May 4 - 8, 2020

Focuses on organizational assessment and intervention using actual case material. Participants move to designing an  intervention using actual case material. First, they collect and analyze data. Next, they develop a work group off-site based on their analysis of these data. As participants work on their intervention, they continue to experience and learn about their own group development and dynamics. Many of these skills are immediately transferable to any work setting.