Structure and Design | Principles and Practices of Organization Development PPOD Program

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Principles and Practices of Organization Development Program

Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation

Structure and Design

PPOD is structured as two 5-day workshops, separated by 2-3 months. The time in between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 provides participants with opportunities to apply their learning back at work. 

While the entire program addresses multiple levels of analysis, Workshop 1 focuses on individual, interpersonal, and group skills necessary for effective organization change and consultation. Workshop 1 ends with a focus on participants’ leadership challenges and prepares them for application work during the interim period between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2

Workshop 2 focuses on inter-group, organizational, and inter-organizational levels using organizational assessments and interventions. As participants work together, they continue to experience and learn about their own group development and dynamics. Workshop 2 also includes a focus on leading and managing change.

For Workshop 1, participants are asked to complete pre-work assignments including reading and self-assessments. In addition, each participant is asked to identify a leadership challenge to work on during the course of the program. 

In between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, participants are asked to apply their learning to their leadership  challenge and return to Workshop 2 prepared to discuss their successes as well as challenges. Depending on the outcome of their work in the interim, participants are encouraged to engage in further work on their challenge or bring a second challenge to Workshop 2