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Principles and Practices of Organization Development Program

Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation

Who Should Apply?

We view PPOD as relevant to participants from a variety of backgrounds, spanning geographies, sectors, industries, functions, roles, and organizational levels. Further, we value creating cohorts that reflect the increasingly complex landscape of organizational life, by bringing together participants with diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and points of view.

With that said, the program may be particularly well-suited to:

  • Experienced managers who lead groups and teams, particularly those who have responsibility for leading and managing significant change or development efforts in their organizations;
  • Those in human resources, organization development/effectiveness, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, and talent management, who recognize the importance of continually working on skills for improving their effectiveness with clients, both internal and external;
  • Those who support managers and executives who lead organization change or development;
  • Recent entrants into the field of organizational change or development, or those involved in change efforts within their organization, who are interested in acquiring skills and better understanding the nature of organizational functioning.

PPOD will be a good fit for applicants who wish to:

  • Expand their professional and personal tool kit through exposure to new knowledge in the form of theories, best practices, and skills;
  • Practice these new ideas through hands-on experience;
  • Receive feedback throughout the program through peer and self assessment;
  • Reflect on past and current experiences, in servicing of developing more self-awareness as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a better practitioner in the field.


Should you have any questions about whether PPOD is the right option for you, please reach out to Kopal Manglik, PPOD Coordinator (PPOD@tc.columbia.edu).