Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter in Higher Education

In Fall 2016, students and faculty in TC's Higher and Postsecondary Education Program established a series of interactive events for the TC Community, discussed how the Black Lives Matter movement intersects with Higher Education, its mission, promise, and practice.
Students, faculty, and staff in the Higher and Postsecondary Education Program take the continued White supremacy, institutionalized racism, and oppression in our society very seriously. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We witness the effects of systematic societal forces on members of our HPSE community and the broader effects on higher education.

Through this and other programming HPSE shows our solidarity and support our Black students, students of color, and our general commitment to social justice as a program.

All Black Lives Matter

All Black Lives Matter

What is Black? Who does Black Lives Matter speak to? An engaging conversation with TC students, faculty, and staff that explored the use of Blackness as an overarching categorization tool, that often lacks an understanding of the diversity and nuance existing within the African Diaspora.

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