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Departmental Degree Requirements

In addition to Teachers College's policies for student progress and degree completion, students within the Department of Organization and Leadership who were admitted to a degree program in the department as of Fall Term 2005 or later must also meet the following requirements:

  1. All masters and doctoral students must enroll for a minimum of six (6) points per academic year. However, once a doctoral student is obligated for continuous doctoral dissertation advisement, students must satisfy the requirements for continuous registration as outlined in the College requirements.
  2. All masters and doctoral students must maintain a minimum GPA of "B" (exclusive of Pass/Fail courses) for all courses registered through Teachers College.
  3. All requests for retroactive registration must receive the approval of the faculty advisor, Program Coordinator, and Department Chair before submission to the Office of Registrar.
  4. Ed.D. students must complete all requirements for the Ed.D. within eight (8) years from their term of matriculation.
  5. Ed.D. students must take the certification exam once they have completed 70 points of coursework (both Teachers College credits and those transferred in), or within three (3) years of term matriculation, whichever comes first. Students must complete the remaining minimum of 20 points toward their Ed.D. requirements within the initial period of certification (four to six years).
  6. Whether a student sits for the certification examination will be at the discretion of the students' advisor. If the student has more than three (3) points of "Incomplete" grades, but the advisor does not believe this poses a problem, then the student may still sit for the certification exam. However, under Teachers College policy, any doctoral student who has six (6) or more points of "Incomplete" grades as part of the program of study may not sit for the certification examination.
  7. An Ed.D. student will be recommended for certification, for the purpose of determining when the obligation for continuous enrollment in doctoral dissertation advisement begins when she/he passed both parts of the certification examination, has submitted a program plan, and has been formally recommended for certification by the program.
  8. After having passed part one of the certification examination, the student has a year to take the remaining steps to secure full certification, including completing part two of the certification examination and submitting a program plan.
  9. All Ed.D. candidates must complete their Ed.D. degree requirements by the expiration date of their period of certification. Ed.D. candidates who have not completed their degree during this time, but have registered and completed a course during the last five years, may petition for an extension if they are in good standing and have satisfied the College requirements for continuous enrollment for doctoral dissertation advisement, if applicable. Petitions for extensions may be obtained in the Office of Doctoral Studies.
  10. Students filling for an extension must:
    • Have adequate and acceptable reasons.
    • Have been registered and completed a course within the last five (5) years. 
    • Provide a feasible plan for degree completion.
    • Obtain the approval of their faculty advisor, Program Coordinator, and Department Chair. Any petitions not accompanied with appropriate approvals will be invalid.
    • Students filing petitions for extensions may be required to retake courses, or to undertake additional coursework, as specified by faculty advisor, Program Coordinator, and/or Department Chair.
    • Petitions for extensions must be filed within six (6) months of expiration of period of certification.
    • Students are limited to a maximum of two (2) petitions for extensions, which will not exceed more than two (2) years total.


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