Recent Dissertations

Recent Dissertations

Dissertations written by doctoral candidates in Applied Linguistics and TESOL are listed in reverse chronological order. Dissertations can be obtained from ProQuest by purchase or with a subscription. Columbia affiliates can access ProQuest here.

Diversity in the adult ESL classroom by Nadja Tadic, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2020. 

Managing multiple demands in the adult ESL classroom by Elizabeth Reddington, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2020.

Working on understanding in the adult ESL classroom: A collaborative endeavor by Nancy Boblett, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2020.

Han, Z-H. (2020). Usage-based instruction, systems thinking, and the role of Language Mining in second language development. Language Teaching, 1-16. FirstView, doi:10.1017/S0261444820000282

Han, Qie (Chelsea). (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). (2020). Investigating the Combined Effects of Rater Expertise, Working Memory Capacity, and Cognitive Functionality on the Scoring of Second Language Speaking Performance.

Getman, Edward. (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). (2020). Age, task characteristics, and acoustic indicators of engagement: Investigations into the validity of a technology-enhanced speaking test for young language learners.

A conversation analytic study on participation practices in the American graduate classroom: East Asian students vs. L1 English-speaking students by Junko Takahashi, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2019.

Person reference in Korean by Gahye Song, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2019.

Han, Z-H. (2019). Researching CDST: Promises and pitfalls. In Han, Z-H. (ed.) Profiling learner language as a dynamic system. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. 

Han, Z-H. & Liu, J. (2019). Profiling learner language from a complex dynamic system perspective: An introduction. In Han, Z-H. (ed.) Profiling learner language as a dynamic system. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. 

Han, Z-H. (2019). Special issue. Thirty-five years of instructed second language acquisition. Language Teaching Research, 23(4).

Liu Banerjee, Han-Ting (Heidi). (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). (2019). Investigating the Construct of Topical Knowledge in a Scenario-Based Assessment Designed to Simulate Real-Life Second Language Use.

Chen, Chen-Ling (Alice) (Ed.D. in TESOL). The Effects of Second-Language Repeated Reading on Reading Comprehension and Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition. (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Le, Rong Rong (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Pragmatic-Discursive Structure of Chinese Compliments in Naturally-Occurring Conversation. (Sponsor: Hansun Waring)

Oh, Saerhim (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating Test-Takers' Use of Linguistic Tools in Second Language Academic Writing Assessment. (Sponsor: Jim Purpura)

Box, Catherine (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Navigating Competing Demands in Pre-Service TESOL Supervision. (Sponsor: Hansun Waring)

Kang, EunYoung (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Effects of Narrow Reading on L2 Text Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition. (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Sok, Sarah (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Incidental and Intentional L2 Vocabulary Acquisition. (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Creider, Sarah (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Encouraging Student Participation in a French-Immersion Kindergarten Class: A Multimodal Conversation Analytic Study.  (Sponsor: Hansung Waring)

Hall, Timothy (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Learning Chunks in Second Language Acquisition.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Noguchi, Hiromi (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). L2 English Thinking-for-Speaking of End-State Japanese Learners.  (Sponsor: Peter Gordon, Howard Williams)
Shin, Hye Won (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Effectiveness of Instructional Tasks on L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: Evidence from Adolescent EFL Learners.  (Sponsor: Peter Gordon, Howard Williams)

DelPrete, Domenica (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Mother-Adolescent Daughter Interaction: How Maternal Roles Affect Discursive Outcomes. (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe)

Choong, Kun-Wang Philip (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Effects of Task Complexity on Written Production in L2 English. (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Fagan, Drew (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Managing Learner Contributions in the Adult ESL Classroom: A Conversation Analytic and Ethnographic Examination of Teacher Practices and Cognition. (Sponsor: Hansun Waring)

Wai, June (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). School Science or Disciplinary Science? Discourse Encountered and Practiced by English Language Learners in Two International High School Science Classroms. (Sponsor: Michael Kieffer)

Cheon, Heesook (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Linguistic Affordances of Korean-English Tandem Learning. (Sponsor: Carolin Fuchs)

Di Gennaro, Kristen K. (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). An Exploration into the Writing Ability of Generation 1.5 and International Second Language Writers.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Johnson, Rebekah Joanne (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Discursive Practices in Family Discourse: Co-Constructing the Identity of Adult Children.  (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe)

Kim, Ah Young (Alicia) (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Examining Second Language Reading Components in Relation to Reading Test Performance for Diagnostic Purposes: A Fusion Model Approach.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Kim, Hyun Jung (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating Raters' Development of Rating Ability on a Second Language Speaking Assessment.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Dakin, Jee Wha (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating the Simultaneous Growth of and Relationship between Grammatical Knowledge and Civics Content Knowledge of Low-Proficiency Adult ESL Learners. (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Ekiert, Monika (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating Articles as Expressions of Definiteness in English as a Second Language.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Perrone, Michael (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Impact of the First Certificate of English (FCE) on the EFL Classroom: A Washback Study.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Purdy, John D. (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Unaccusativity and Neurocognitive Indices of Second Language Acquisition: An ERP Study.  (Sponsor: Karen Froud)

Ameriks, Yoko (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating Validity Across Two Test Forms of the Examination of Proficiency in English (ECPE): Multi-group Structural Equation Modeling Approach.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Grabowski, Kirby (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating the Construct Validity of a Test Designed to Measure Grammatical and Pragmatic Knowledge in the Context of Speaking.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Jacknick, Christine M. (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). A Conversation-Analytic Account of Student-Initiated Participation in an ESL Classroom.  (Sponsor: Leslie M. Beebe)

Jung, Ji-Young (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Discourse Markers in Contrast: But, Actually and Well in Native-Nonnative English Conversations Between Friends.  (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe)

Kim, Hyunjoo (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating the Effects of Context and Language Speaking Ability. (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Liao, Yen-Fen (Alick) (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Construct Validation Study of the GEPT Reading and Listening Sections: Re-examining the Models of L2 Reading and Listening Abilities and Their Relations to Lexico-grammatical Knowledge.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Song, Sunhee (Ed.D. in TESOL). Recasts, Grammatical Morphemes, and L2 Learning: A Longitudinal Case study of Korean L2 Learners.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Year, Jungeun (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Korean Speakers' Acquisition of the English Ditransitive Construction: The Role of Input Frequency and Distribution.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Wagner, Santoi (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Disputants' Talk in Mediation: A Single Case Study.  (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe)

Kim, Ji Hyun (Ed.D. in TESOL). Focus on Form in Communicative EFL Classrooms: A Study of Learner Recognition of Recasts.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Kwon, Eun-Young (Ed.D. in TESOL). Cross-linguistic Influence and "universal" developmental patterns in child second language acquisition: A longitudinal study.  (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han)

Wiseman, Cynthia (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Examining Rater Effects and Process of Using a Holistic and Analytic Rubric.  (Sponsor: James E. Purpura)

Krohn, Nitza (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). An Examination of the Hebrew Language Needs of Students in the Jewish Theological Seminary (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Yeu-Ting (Ed.D. in TESOL). Phonological Recoding in Sentence-Level Chinese character recognition by advanced adult L2 Chinese learners (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Park, Taejoon (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating the Construct Validity of the Community Language Program English Writing Test (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Park, Eun Sung (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Learner-Generated Noticing of L2 Input: An Exploratory Study (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Revesz, Andrea (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Focus on Form in Task-Based Language Teaching: Recasts, Task Complexity, and L2 Learning (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Seol, Heekyung (Ed.D. in TESOL). The Impact of Age and L1 Influence of L2 Ultimate Attainment (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Suzuki, Mikiko (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Learner Uptake and Second Language Learning (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Seol, Hee-Kyung (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). The Impact of Age and L1 Influence on L2 Ultimate Attainment (Sponsor: ZhaoHong Han).

Wagner, Mathew (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Utilizing the Visual Channel: An Investigation of the Use of Videotexts on Tests of Second Language Listening Ability (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Suh, Joowon (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Other-Initiated Repair in English Lingua Franca Business Negotiation(Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Chang, Jaehak (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Examining Models of Second Language Knowledge with Specific Reference to Relative Clauses: A Model-Comparison Approach (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Tsai, Constance (Ed.D. in TESOL). Investigating the Relationships between ESL Learners' Writing Strategy Use and Writing Ability (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Beaumont, John (Ed.D. in TESOL). Passing as a Teacher: An Ethnographic Account of Entering the TESOL Profession(Sponsor: Herve Varenne).

Cho, Yunkyoung (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). An Examination of Epistemic Markers in Korean (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Dimitrova, Evelina. (Ed.D. in TESOL). A Discourse Analysis of the Paired Interview in the University of Cambridge First Certificate of English Proficiency Exam (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Korsko, Paula (Ed.D. in TESOL). The Narrative Shape of a Two-Party Complaint: A Discourse Analytic Study of European Portuguese (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Nottono, Miharu (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Japanese Hedging in Friend-Friend Discourse (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Fen, Ho-Ping (Ed.D. in TESOL). An Analysis of the Relationships between Source Material and EFL Writing Ability(Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Fujita, Naomi (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Investigating Japanese Politeness Strategies in School Meetings (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

Mori, Reiko (Ed.D. in TESOL). Two Post-Secondary ESL Teachers' Beliefs about Classroom Instruction and How their Beliefs are Reflected in their Classroom Practice (Sponsor: James E. Purpura).

Waring, Hansun Zhang (Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics). Conversational Analysis of Academic Discussion Skills (Sponsor: Leslie Beebe).

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