Student Awards

Student Awards

At the end of the academic year, the AL and TESOL program recognizes student accomplishments and achievements with our APPLE award in outstanding MA Projects and the John F. Fanselow Award in outstanding teacher work.

APPLE Award Recipients (Outstanding MA Projects)

Rory Sixberry (TESOL K-12), "Language Revitalization: Analyzing the Teaching of Endangered Languages in the Classroom"

Yuhan Shao (AL), "Automated Speech Recognition (A&R) Technologies and their Application in SL Assessment"

Michelle Pan (TESOL-General), "An Analysis of Musical Application Research in SL Pedagogy"

Vanessa Guida Mesina,  "The ‘Problem’ of L2 Writers in College Composition Placement: Identity, Outcomes, and the Future of Directed Self-Placement"

Zeyu Feng (AL), "Effects of Identification and Pronunciation Training Methods on L2 Speech Perception and Production:  Training Adult Japanese Speakers to Perceive and Produce English /r-l/"

Tiffany Laiyin Lao (TESOL), "The Relationship between ESL Learners’ Motivation, Willingness to Communicate, and Frequency of L2 Use"

Kelly Katherine Frantz (AL), "Language Learning in Repeated Storytellings. An Analysis of One Learner's Repair Practices"

John Terry Dundon (AL), "Cross-Examining English-Medium Legal Education"

Rebecca Prod-Sosa (AL), "Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to the Question, 'What Features of an Essay Make it Easy or Difficult to Score?'"

Eri Imahori (AL), "Linguistic Expression of Depressogenic Schemata" 
Tzu-hsuan Yang (AL), "The Use of Designedly Incomplete Utterance in TV Talk Shows"

Daniel Eskin (TESOL), "Interlanguage Pragmatic Development and L2 Request Behavior: A Critical Review of the Literature for Emergent Use of 'Polite' Requests"

Dani Scheffler (TESOL), "Immigrant/Learner, Affiliate, Author, Expert: The Intersections of L2 Writing, Identity, and Computer-Mediated Communication"

Soo Hyoung Joo (AL), "Self- and Peer-Assessment of Speaking"

Christopher Mueller (AL), "Positive Feedback Loops: Sarcasm and the Pseudo-Argument in Reddit Communities"

Amanda Meier (TESOL), "L2 Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition Through Extensive Listening"

Katherine Kang (AL), "Peer Interaction: A Compromise or a Necessity?"

Sachiko Aoki (TESOL), "Potential of Voice Recording Tools in Language Instruction"

Meghan Odsliv Bratkovich (AL), "Assessment and feedback: Examining the relationship between self-assessment and blind peer- and teacher-assessment in TOEFL writing"

Haimei Sun (AL), "Paired and Group Oral Assessment"

Lauren Wyner (TESOL), "Second Language Pragmatic Competence: Individual Differences in ESL and EFL Environments"

Yuan-Yuan Meng (AL), "Written Corrective Feedback: A Review of Studies since Truscott 1996"

Andrew Ring (AL), "A Classroom-Based Study of CFL Pronunciation Targeting Syllabus with [-i]"

Tammy Wang (AL), "Crosslinguistic Influence in Third-Language Acquisition"

Amanda Stesson (TESOL K-12), "Postcolonial Theories and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Exploring Implications for Teaching in U.S. Contexts"

Chikako Takahashi (TESOL), "Impact of Dictionary Use Skills Instruction on Second Language Writing"

Kate Burrill (AL), "How Use Are Recasts? Factors influencing their success, and Problems in Testing"

Abigail Bruhlmann (AL), "Does the L1 have a role in the FL classroom?"

Peter Hourdequin (TESOL), "Identity and Communities of Practice in Foreign Language Learning Contexts"

Rebecca Black (AL), "Dementia and Epistemic Authority: A Conversation-Analytic Study"

Ian Blood (AL), "Automated Essay Scoring: A Literature Review"

Grace Kong (TESOL), "The Role of Attitude, Motivation, and Identity in Heritage Language Learning among Korean-Americans"

Denise Osborne (AL), "The Production of Rhotic Sounds by Brazilian Speakers of English"

Amanda Gardner (TESOL), "Revising Integrative Motivation: L2 Motivation Research and Learner Context"

Kathy Bluestone (TESOL), "Acculturation, Interpersonal Networks, and the Learner's Sense of Self: The Effects of Social Relationships on Second Language Learning"

Sarah Creider (AL), "Frames, Footing, and Teacher-Initiated Questions: An Analysis of a Beginning French Class for Adults"

Elizabeth Reddington (AL), "Native Speaker Response to Non-native Accents"

Adrienne Wai Man Lew (TESOL), "Processing Instruction and Second Language Grammar Instruction"

Antonieta Cal y Mayor Turnball

Heather Barikmo (AL)

Tara Tarpey (TESOL)

Ayako Kawase (TESOL), "SLA and Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication"

Antonieta Cal y Mayor Turnbull (AL), "Face-Saving and Conflicting Frames: An Analysis of Interaction between Native and Nonnative ESL Teachers"

Julie Matsubara (AL), "An Emerging Area in Second Language Phonology: The Perception of English Vowels by Adult Second Language Learners"

John F. Fanselow Awards (Outstanding Teacher Work)

Audrey L. Yatdon

(MA, TESOL PreK-12 certification track) Minimum Wage Unit


S. Government & Economics curriculum International High School at Prospect Heights


Luyu Wang

(MA, AL track) 3 sequenced lessons on personal qualities and career

Adult Students

Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency


Noa Dubin

(MA, TESOL PreK-12 certification track) Photo essays

Grades 8-10

Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women

Fanselow Award winner for in-person teaching:  Rebecca Rose  (MA TESOL, PreK-12 certification track) 
Runner-up:  Amanda Evans (MA TESOL, PreK-12 certification track) 
Fanselow Award winner for online teaching:  Sunshine Tinglei Huang and Claire Xinyi Li (MA TESOL)
Runner-up for online teaching:  Kate Sanford (MA TESOL, PreK-12 certification track) 
Sarah Dylan Walker (TESOL  PK-12), "The Streets are Free: Lesson Sequence"
Erinn Arbelaez-McLaughlin (TESOL  PK-12)

Giulia Basile (TESOL  PK-12), "Erosion, with Enthusiasm!"

Bing Han (TESOL PK-12), "A Multimodal Exploration of Immigrant Life with Literacy Texts for Young ESL Learners" 

Louise Hunt (TESOL PK-12), "Activating Advocacy: Finding their Voice through Literature" 

Alexii Lazaridis (TESOL PK-12), "The United States and World War II: The Power of Primary Sources for ELLs" 

Graham Pierce (TESOL PK-12), "Teaching Chuang Tzu to ELLs"

Becky Gould (TESOL PK-12), "Art for Social Change" 

Amy Olson (TESOL PK-12),  "Podcasting in Palestine" 

Vincent Pham (TESOL PK-12), "Vietnam War Carousel: Teaching Immigrant Students the Effects of US Government Intervention Abroad" 

Hsu-Ping Tuan (TESOL PK-12),  "Playful Learning in Content-Based Instruction in English as a Foreign Language Environment"

Brendan Gillett (TESOL PK-12), "Color Collector: A Game about Game Literacy"

Aklima Hossein Joldic (TESOL PK-12), "Water Conflict"

Corinne Gibbon (TESOL PK-12), "Aztec Narratives: Reframing the Age of Exploration with Fifth-Grade ELLs"

Meghan Fahey (TESOL PK-12), "Teaching Modern-Day Slavery"

Amanda McKenna (TESOL PK-12), "Building Bullying and Anti-Bullying Awareness: A Fifth Grade English Language Arts ESL Social Justice Mini-Unit"

Francis Corva (TESOL PK-12), "On Being a Good Citizen"

Jade (Yu) Song (TESOL), "Summer Enrichment Program"

Lindsay Richman, "The Environment and Social Entrepreneurship"

Kristen Lawlor, "The Progressive Era Newspaper Unit"

Amanda Gardner, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

Stephanie Yang, "An Oral History Curriculum for the ESL Classroom: Intermediate Grades 5-8"

Susan Goldstein, Esther Chin, Lucy Portugal, Lan Ngo, Karena Mortimer "Putting the Pieces Together: An Introduction to Document Based Questions (DBQs)"

June Wai

Michael Feyen, "The Little Prince Meets"

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