Integrative Project

Integrative Project

The Isaura Santiago Integrative Project

The Integrative Project is named after Isaura Santiago who developed the Program in Bilingual/Bicultural Education in the late 1970s. Professor Santiago has published extensively on language policy and bilingualism in the United States. She is currently a professor at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York.

The Integrative Project research will be planned as part of your course of study. All MA students must complete and present their Integrative Project in their final year of study.

The Integrative Project gives students the opportunity to reflect on the experiences provided by their course work and practical teaching experiences. It should not be a library research paper; it is intended to be a teacher inquiry/action research project. A&HB 4150* will prepare you to undertake such a project. The Project ought to focus on: biculturalism or bilingualism in relation to instruction in the native language, native language development, and second language learning ,and the relationship between the theory and practice of learning and teaching in bilingual/bicultural settings.

Please arrange your schedule to attend the Integrative Project presentations, presented each academic year during February or March of the spring semester. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Timeline for the Integrative Project:

Spring I: Students will begin to develop ideas for their Integrative Project during the Spring semester of their first year in the program during two Guidance Meetings.

Fall II: Students enroll in A&HB 4150, which provides guidance for developing and completing the project.

Spring II: Students turn in final versions of the paper, and prepare a short presentation. IP Presentation Day is usually in mid-February, and is an all-day event.

*The instructor of A&HB 4150: Teacher Inquiry: Bilingual Education will coordinate the process for the Integrative Project.

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