Maxine Greene Archiving Project

Maxine Greene Archiving Project for TC's Pocket Knowledge

The Maxine Greene Archiving Project for TC's Pocket Knowledge is an organic, ongoing project. The so-named "M.Archive" is the most recent and voluminous addition to the already existing “Maxine Greene Collection” in the digital archive known as “Pocket Knowledge” at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

The “M.Archive” contains materials that Maxine Greene herself authorized from her personal trove of memorabilia. These multiple and newly added “Pockets” and “Sub-Pockets” thus represent a fascinating compilation of scanned materials from her long, rich, nuanced, and inspiring life. This particular archiving effort was supported by a TC Provost’s Grant awarded to Janet L. Miller, Professor, and Olga Hubard, Associate Professor, both in the Department of Arts & Humanities, and was accomplished too with the considerable assistance of Maya Pindyck and Beth Semaya, doctoral students in English Education during the 2015-16 and 2016-2017 academic years.

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