Music and Music Education EdD Summer

Doctor of Education (Summer Cohort)

The Summer Cohort is designed primarily for students with a high level of performance skills whose goal or present position is focused on the teaching of performance in higher education. The Doctoral Cohort program is a unique offering designed for music faculty members holding full-time academic appointments who are interested in completing a doctoral program.

The cohort allows students to complete primary coursework over four summers and gain competency in Musicianship, Performance, Pedagogy, and Research. The program combines focused curriculum geared towards teaching college music (see curriculum guide below) with noted faculty in New York City. Students receive individual attention due to the small cohort size of incoming classes.

A master's degree is required for participation in this program and the preparation and defense of a dissertation is required for the awarding of the Doctoral degree.

Doctor of Education

  • Major Code: MUSC
  • Points/Credits: 90
  • Entry Terms: Summer Only

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Early): January 2
  • Summer/Fall (Final): January 2

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

  • Academic Writing Sample

Additional Notes

  • Applicants for the Doctor of Education normally have previously received a Master of Arts or Master of Music degree. Applicants for the Doctor of Education and the Doctor of Education in College Teaching are expected to have several years of professional experience as an educator or performing musician prior to beginning the doctoral program. Both doctoral programs are very selective and admit only a few students each year.

Doctoral Degrees

Requirements include:

1) Satisfactory completion of a program of 90 graduate points beyond the baccalaureate degree,

2) Successful performance on a departmental certification examination, and

3) Preparation and defense of a dissertation. 

At least 54 points of work must be completed at Teachers College. A maximum of 36 graduate points may be accepted from other recognized graduate schools. Transfer credits are evaluated and allocated by the Admissions Office for consideration by the Music Program. Final determinations are made by the program faculty.

Doctoral students must complete a minimum of 15 points of coursework in areas other than those in the Music Program. For the Ed.D. in College Teaching program, two of these courses must be in the area of higher education.

To ensure breadth in professional background, coursework should result in competency in

the following four broad areas: (1) Pedagogy, (2) Research, (3) Comprehensive Musician-ship, and (4) Music Performance. Refer to the catalog for course listings under these general headings.

The preparation and the defense of a dissertation is required for the doctoral degree. When writing the dissertation, each candidate has a sponsor and an additional committee member. Most often the sponsor is a faculty member of the Program in Music and Music Education. Committee members may be chosen from among the professorial faculty elsewhere at Teachers College or the University. Topics are selected from a variety of areas to meet professional needs and interests. Students should consult the appropriate bulletins of the Office of Doctoral Studies and Doctoral Handbook on the Music Education program website: for more specific information.

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