Studio Music Lessons

Studio Music Lessons

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Studio Music Lessons!

Studio Music lessons are available on any instrument at any level.

Students receive 10 hours of lesson time per semester (for 2 credits only).

Lessons are one-on-one (one instructor, one student); students and their instructor decide how to divide time (how long each lesson will last) and how often to meet.  Generally, 10 one-hour lessons are recommended.

Searching for a particular type of instructor?  Visit our instructors’ page and note your choice on the “preferred instructor?” field of your survey (found below).  Instructor requests are not guaranteed; there are many factors to consider including availability.




…for the following semesters:

Summer A 2024 (May 23 - June 28)

Summer B 2024 (July 1  - July 26 )

Fall 2024 (Sept 3 - Dec 23)

Lessons registration dates:

For RETURNING students, registration begins:  

  • March 25 - for Summer A + B 2024
  • April 29 - for Fall 2024

For NEW students, registration begins:

  • May 13 - for Summer A + B 2024
  • June 17 - for Fall 2024


Policies for Columbia Schools

Teachers College is delighted to provide lessons to registered students across the University.  It is up to the student, though, to determine if these lessons will count towards their degree, what the lessons will cost (if covered by tuition or not), if loans will cover lessons, and if their particular school will allow for the cross-registration. 

Proof of successful cross-registration must be supplied by the student to the Music & Music Education program before lessons may begin. The deadline for proof of registration is due one week before TC’s add/drop date each term.


Generally, students at the following schools ARE PERMITTED by their respective school to cross-register and take Studio Music Lessons through Teachers College.  Please ascertain with your Academic  Dean, Department Chair, or Advisor before requesting lessons:

Columbia College

College of Dental Medicine

Law School

Mailman School of Public Health

School of the Arts


Generally, students at the following schools are NOT PERMITTED by their respective school to cross-register and take Studio Music Lessons through Teachers College:

Barnard College

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP)

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS)

Graduate School of Business (GSB)

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

School of General Studies (GS)

School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

School of Journalism

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