Instruments & Equipment

Instrument & Equipment Usage & Rentals

We are currently not able to offer a variety of instrument for usage and rentals. Please refer to the policy below for details and procedures. The instrument availability database and forms are at the bottom of this page.

Procedure & Policy


To apply consistent policy to the use of musical instruments, equipment and respective storage spaces owned by the Teachers College Music Education program.


  • Communication: All inquiries go to the instrument manager by email:, or by visiting HM520A during office hours of the instrument manager.
  • Scope: This policy applies to all students and staff that use the instruments and equipment.


The administration of this policy shall be the responsibility of the instrument manager, Music & Music Education.



  • All instrument and equipment usages/rental must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance of need. The office reserves the right to deny access to users who fail to comply with this requirement or requests deemed unsuitable. Email communication is recommended before visiting in person:
  • Users will be responsible for the damage or loss that may occur while the instrument and equipment is in their care, and will pay the cost of repair or replacement upon request from the music education program.

Short-term on campus usage is only available for students in the Music and Music Education Program

  • Rehearsals & Practices: Check availability online, and then come in person to fill out the “Instrument & Equipment Usage/Rental Form”. Pick up and drop off instruments at designated location at specified time.
  • TC Campus Events: Inquiry by email only, event details must be sent along the inquiry. Pick up and drop off at HM520A within specific time frame and fill out the “Short-term Usage Information Sheet”.
  • Milbank Concert Grand Piano: Requires approval from the Music Education Program. Event details must be sent to and copy for the arrangement of unlocking the piano or the pickup of piano key.
  • Availability: All equipment usage is subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservation is confirmed upon receiving the confirmation email after completing the “Instrument & Equipment Usage/Rental Form”.

Long-term on campus usage

  • Restrictions: There are certain instruments and equipment that are restricted for campus usage only for students in the Music and Music Education program or those who are taking applied music lessons. Practice room rental is required. Students who wish to use these instruments must come in person to schedule practice room time and fill out the “Instrument & Equipment Usage/Rental Form” for that instrument.
  • Scheduling: Students can schedule up to 1 hour applied lesson and 5 hours practice time per week for recurring usage. 
  • Exceptions: When the reservation is in conflict with a class that also uses the instruments, class has the first priority.
  • Pianos: Pianos in classrooms are only for teaching and approved rehearsals. No food or drinks are permitted in classrooms with pianos.



In the Fall semester when "Approaches to Teaching Musical Instruments" is offered, brass and woodwind instruments inside room HM435C will be put on reserve and become unavailable for rental.

Rental Priority

  • When instruments are available for rentals, priority is given to students registered in Music Applied Lessons (2 credits).
  • Students who are not registered for Music Applied Lessons may not rent instruments.

Rental Fees

  • There is a $110 course fee included in registering for Music Applied Lessons. Students who registered are not required to pay extra rental fees.
  • If the enrolled TC  or CU student is not taking Music Applied Lessons (2 credits), they are not eligible to rent an instrument. 


Rentals are for the entire semester and instruments must be returned no later than designated due date.


An “Instrument & Equipment Usage/Rental Form” must be completed and filed prior to the check-out of any instruments. Email communication is recommended for arrangement of this process.

Instrument Availability Information

  • A variety of instruments and equipment are for on campus usage only but brass and woodwind instruments are only available for students enrolled in A&HM 4033 and as such are not available for rental.
  • For details of instruments and the availabilities of other instruments, please check the “Instrument Availability Database” (link below) online. Inquiries are welcome for clarification if needed.

Storage Room Keys

Keys for access to the instrument/equipment storage spaces maybe assigned for situations such as short/long term usage or storage. These keys have the same due day as practice room keys and will be managed separately by the instrument manager. Storage of personal instruments and equipment is evaluated case-by-case and subject to conditions. Email communication is required.

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