Music Lesson FAQ's


 Do I need to have experience playing an instrument to take lessons?

You do not need any experience at all!  The Music & Music Education program welcomes aspiring musicians of all levels of experience.


What instruments can I take lessons in?

We offer lessons in a wide variety of instruments, including: 

Brass Instruments include Trumpet and Trombone, Woodwind Instruments including  Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon, Composition and Songwriting, Strings including Guitar, Harp, Cello, Violin and Bass, Harpsichord, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone,  Electric Bass, Jazz Piano, and Voice. 

How many lessons will I have?

All lessons are for 2 credits ONLY. The number of contact hours for two credits is 10 hours.


When does the class meet?

Once you are registered for the course, you will be assigned an instructor.  This instructor will reach out to make an introduction and to set a mutually agreeable, one-on-one lesson day, place and time.


How can I practice?

If you are registered for Studio Music Lessons you may use a practice room. The Music & Music Education program has 10 practice rooms available for student use (on the fifth floor of the Horace Mann building). Each room is equipped with a Steinway piano. We also have a drum room and a guitar room. You may sign up for a practice room in the Music and Music Education Office 520A HM. Please note that you will need to pay a key deposit fee. Regular classrooms are NOT available for practice without faculty permission.


What kind of music will I be studying?

On the online pre-registration survey, you will be able to specify what type of music you are interested in. Keep in mind that although we will try to match you with an instructor familiar with the musical style you have requested, it may be difficult to find an instructor if the style is highly specialized. Once you have been assigned an instructor, you can discuss specific repertoire choices with them.


Will there be performance opportunities?

At the end of the semester you are invited to perform in a student recital called "Musical Serenades “ across multiple dates including an online option. However, you are not required to do so.




I am a TC student.  How do I register for the course?

First, you must complete the online survey during TC’s regular registration period.  Once you have completed the survey, you’ll receive permission to register for the Applied Music Lessons course, and will receive an email containing the appropriate CRN and course number. You can then register for it as you would any other TC course, using the portal and the add/drop classes tab.


I am a Columbia College student.  How do I register for the course?

First, you must complete the online survey during TC’s regular registration period. You’ll next receive course number information (via email) from TC.  Then, you should visit your Dean’s office in Hamilton Hall. Both you and the Dean must sign a form indicating that you accept responsibility for payment for the lessons. Once the form is complete, bring it to Kent Hall to register for the course.


I am a student at the Law School.  How do I register for the course?

First, you must complete the online survey during TC’s regular registration period.  You’ll next receive course number information (via email) from TC, which you should bring to your registrar to complete the cross-registration process. To note:  according to your school’s policies, students in their first year of study are not allowed to take lessons through the TC Studio Music Lessons program.


I am a student in the School of International and Public Affairs / Graduate School of Arts and Sciences / Graduate School of Business.  How do I register for the course? Unfortunately, you are not able to take music lessons through the TC at this time. If you feel that these lessons would be essential to your program of study, or if you feel you have other extenuating circumstances that should allow you to participate, please discuss your situation with your Dean BEFORE contacting the TC Music Education Office.


I took lessons last semester. Do I have to fill out the pre-registration survey again?

Yes! You must fill out the pre-registration survey every time you wish to register for lessons.


What is the course number for this class?

Via email , we will grant you approval for the course and let you know which course number you should register for.


What if I want to take the lessons for a different number of credits?

Studio Music Lessons are only available for two credits.


Do you offer lessons in the summer?

Yes, the Studio Music Lessons program operates year-round, including in both Summer A and Summer B sessions of Teachers College.


How will this course show up on my transcript?

This course will show up with the title that is listed on the TC course schedule.


Are lessons offered Pass / Fail?

No, all lessons must be taken for a letter grade.




Who will my instructor be?

The Music & Music Education program will assign you an instructor based on the instrument you would like to learn and the style of music you are interested in, as well as your experience level. Our instructors include a range of professional musicians and trained, highly experienced graduate students.


May I request an instructor?

Yes.  You may request an instructor from this list.  While we do our best to honor all requests we cannot guarantee the assignment. We will make every effort to match you with an instructor that is well suited to your background and interests.


I am a TC Music Major and I have a specific instructor I want to work with outside of TC, but get credit for it through the Studio Music Lessons program. How do I do that?

Sometimes this is possible if you have extenuating circumstances. If you have a teacher you want to work with as part of the Studio Music program, please contact Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, director of the Studio Music Lessons program.  All such requests should be received at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester you wish to take lessons, in order for instructors to complete necessary paperwork BEFORE you begin lessons.


The instructor’s name that shows up on my class schedule is not the same as the one you assigned me?

We work with many different adjunct and graduate student instructors. Instructors listed on the class schedule frequently work with our students but the instructor that we assign you is the one that you will be working with.




Do you have instruments I can rent?

The Music program can recommend good instrument rental resources.   Please reach out to for assistance.




How much do lessons cost?

Each semester of lessons costs the same as two credits of study at Teachers College, plus a $110 additional course fee.


How do I pay for lessons?

If you are a TC student you pay for lessons at the Bursar’s office in Thompson Hall. If you are a non-TC student, however, you will need to discuss the payment policy with the Dean of your school.


I am an employee at TC as well as a student. May I use my tuition exemption points?

Unfortunately tuition exemption points may not be used for Studio Music Lessons.

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