Lisa Edmonds
Professor Lisa Edmonds
Aphasia Rehabilitation and Bilingualism Research Lab

Rehabilitation research for acquired neurogenic communication disorders such as aphasia and development of language outcome measures in monolingual and Spanish/English bilingual speakers; basic research evaluating cognitive and linguistic processing in older adults and in persons with aphasia; evaluation of assessment and treatment delivered via teletherapy; and computer use in persons with aphasia.

Erika S. Levy
Professor Erika S. Levy
Speech Production & Perception Lab

Speech treatment for intelligibility in children with dysarthria due to cerebral palsy; characteristics and treatment of dysarthria due to cerebral palsy and Parkinson Disease across languages; cross-language and second-language speech perception and learning; accent and intelligibility in speech-language pathology.

Carol Hammer
Professor Carol Scheffner Hammer
Developing Language and Literacy Lab

Cultural and environmental influences on children’s language and literacy development with an emphasis on bilingual children; development of valid and reliable assessments of bilingual children’s language development; development and testing of home- and classroom-based interventions to promote children’s school readiness.

Michelle Troche
Professor Michelle Troche
Upper Airway Dysfunction Lab

Improving health outcomes and quality of life associated with disorders of airway protection (specifically cough and swallowing dysfunction), particularly in neurodegenerative disease; basic science research goals focus on developing a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying airway protection and its disorders; clinical research goals are the development of novel and robust evaluation and treatment techniques for dystussia, dysphagia, and adult disorders of motor speech production.

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