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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty"

Professor George Bonanno

Professor Christine Cha

Professor Barry A. Farber

Professor Doug Mennin 

Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky

Professor Lisa Miller (Director, Clinical Psychology Programs)

Dr. Randall Richardson (MA Program Coordinator)

Dr. Dinelia Rosa (Director, Dean Hope Center)

Professor Lena Verdeli (Director of Clinical Training)

The list of faculty reviewing and potentially accepting applicants for each cycle is listed on the application itself. Please check the application itself or email your Admission Liaison, Ashley Blasland, at ab3987@tc.columbia.edu for clarification.


Adjunct Teaching Faculty:

Dr. Philip Blumberg (Dynamic Psychotherapy)

Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Intro to Neuropsych Rotation)

Dr. Susan Davis (Child and Adolescent Rotation)

Dr. Nancy Eppler-Wolff (Child and Adolescent Rotation)

Dr. Jesse Geller (Third Year Psychodynamic/Existential Psychotherapy Rotation)

Dr. David Greenan (Family Systems Rotation)

Dr. Shamir Khan (Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology)

Dr. Traci Stein (Integrated Healthcare Rotation)

Dr. Nikki Rubin (CBT/IPT/DBT rotation)

Dr. Elizabeth Watson (CBT/IPT/DBT rotation)

Dr. David Yourman (History & Systems) 


Support Staff:

Ms. Enrika Davis, Director of Academic Administration

Ms. Chrissandra Taylor, Department Secretary

Ms. Rebecca Shulevitz, Program Secretary, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Defne Akol, Department Fieldwork Coordinator

Ms. Yi-Hui Chang, Associate Director, Dean Hope Center

Ms. Migdalia Rodriguez, Testing Library Coordinator, Secretary, Dean Hope Center

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