Meet Some of Our Alumni

Host, Por Nuestros Niños Podcast & Radio Show
Founder, Dreamers Academy, Sarasota, FL
Sociology and Education Program with an Education Policy Concentration and Reimagining Education Advanced Certificate Recipient.
Teachers College, Columbia University, M.Ed. 2023
Host, Por Nuestros Niños Podcast & Radio Show
Founder, Dreamers Academy, Sarasota, FL

As a change agent in Sarasota, Florida, my experience establishing instructional models that address the needs of our most vulnerable students led me to Teachers College EPSA program, where I complemented years of practice with scholarship, making me far more effective.

My education advocacy journey began as a volunteer in 2017, with a tap on the shoulder by a 2nd-grade teacher: “Mrs. Chaffee, this is America, and you need to speak English in my classroom.” There was only one problem: the three little boys I was helping with math did not speak English, only Spanish.

I am the daughter of Hispanic immigrants who escaped the brutal dictatorship of Argentina and its aftermath of murder that devastated the country. Like many children today, I was an English Learner thrust into an English-only Kindergarten classroom. Later when I had children, I needed to remove them from school and learn how to educate them myself due to their neurodivergent issues and the fact that they had become ashamed of using Spanish, the language of our home. The public school system was not equipped to serve them. School had become detrimental to their learning, self-esteem, and cultural heritage. This experience educating our natural and foster children convinced me that all students learn and thrive academically, given the right attitude, engagement, tools, and environment.

Years later, I started asking questions of Sarasota, Florida district leaders. I was shocked at the palpable disdain that characterized most monocultural, monolingual “experts” in high-level administrative positions. The ignorance and lack of intellectual curiosity from the system’s top management layer fueled my desire to change the public education trajectory of the most vulnerable students, just as I did for my children.

Most people know me as the host of the national radio show and podcast Por Nuestros Niños because it has such a large platform. The show is crucial to engaging and empowering Spanish-speaking parents and helping them navigate their children’s education in English-only public schools. The radio show is part of a broader strategy – an intentional blend of bottoms-up advocacy married to top-down policy work at the federal, state, and local levels.

When the school district refused to consider implementing a pilot program to curb the academic failure of its many English Learners, I founded Dreamers Academy, a public charter school offering dual language immersion education in Sarasota. Opened in the middle of the pandemic, we attracted over 200 incredibly qualified bilingual teacher applicants from across the country, maintaining 100% teacher retention over the school’s first three years of operation.

This past year, we secured a $22 million Florida state bond to finance an innovative, customized educational campus in Newtown, Sarasota’s historic African American community. The Title 1 school will serve 648 children who will become bilingual and academically ahead of their peers by 5th grade. Already we have surpassed both the Sarasota school district and the state in learning gains for math and English Language Arts, proving that academic proficiency is attainable regardless of zip code!

Dreamers Academy students are prepared to compete academically regardless of race, home language, or socio-economic characteristics. Most of all, our dream is to serve as a model and inspiration to reimagine education, ensuring all children reach their innate potential.


Jonathan Dant
Success Academy Charter Schools
Sociology and Education Program with an Education Policy concentration
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2013
Success Academy Charter Schools
I had been looking at TC’s Sociology and Education program from the first few weeks of when I began teaching after undergrad. I joined Teach For America after college and began teaching in Newark, NJ. As a sociology major in undergrad with a minor in Political Science, I knew that one day I wanted to attend a graduate program that continued my development in sociology and policy with a focus on education. Through my years of teaching, I would follow some of the work and articles that came out of the department at TC, which further piqued my interest in the program for when I was ready to start my graduate education.
When I finished teaching and was ready to start grad school, I came back to TC as a first choice because I was interested in learning more about school choice policies and diversity in curriculum. I knew that both Professor Pallas and Professor Wells were producing a lot of research on the subject with which I wanted to be involved.
After starting the program, I was immersed in both the policy side of education including school choice as well as researching how we can create truly authentic curriculum that reflects our diversity in this country. I was very grateful to take a series of courses that focused on race and culture in education with Professor Wells that broadened my understanding of the deep-rooted and pervasive issues that affect education throughout the country.
When I completed my coursework, I joined Success Academy Charter Schools because their mission aligned with what I was most interested in during my time in the Sociology and Education program: they strive to provide a world-class education to all students regardless of race or background; and as an organization, they are committed to changing policy for all of the children in New York even if they do not attend our schools. 
I now run the most diverse of our schools with families from six-continents, a myriad of cultures, and a wide-range of incomes. I continually reflect upon everything that I learned in the program and use all of the books and readings that I have to help navigate the waters of school diversity and create an incredible community dedicated to bringing a joyful and rigorous education to each of my students.
Associate Director of Admissions, Columbia School of Social Work

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2020

Associate Director of Admissions, Columbia School of Social Work

I began my career in education at Columbia University’s Undergraduate Office of Financial Aid. What was originally a nice day job as a Financial Aid Customer Support Representative to support my acting habit quickly became a life changing role. I found that I loved working with students and made it my mission to be a trusted resource for the populations we served. I worked up the ranks from Customer Support Rep to Financial Aid Officer and eventually to Assistant Director. As Assistant Director, I worked with many incredible students and served on a number of special projects, but my role as a financial aid liaison for the students in the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) ignited my passion to better understand the societal mechanisms that impact a student’s educational journey. In 2018, I applied to the Sociology and Education master's degree program with a concentration in Education Policy at Teachers College, and I graduated in May of 2020. The program has given me the vocabulary and the analytical skills to advocate for positive change in the spaces I work. Currently, I serve as the Associate Director of Admissions at Columbia School of Social Work. I felt uniquely prepared for the challenge in no small part to the education I received at TC. Every day, I work with students who share my commitment to access and equity. The pursuit of a just society is a long and winding road, but the knowledge I gained from the Sociology and Education Master’s Program at Teachers College has given me an arsenal of tools to be a force of positive change in educational spaces.


Rene Morgan
Operations Associate of the Charter Network Accelerator, Achievement First
Sociology and Education Program 
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2014
Operations Associate of the Charter Network Accelerator
Achievement First

Daughter of a founding board member and former teacher of one of the first charter schools opened in the Bay Area, California, a career in education seemingly was inevitable. My deep interest in the intersection of factors that tend to the needs of the whole child stemmed from my adolescent experiences involved in a myriad of enrichment programs via school and the community where I resided. Having recently graduated from Howard University, where I served as the National Director of Jewels Inc., a mentoring program, interned as the Program Manager at Dreams for Kids, and coordinated the STEM summer camp at Girls Inc., Washington DC., I firmly believe that youth require academic, social, and emotional support via school and enrichment programs to be college and career ready.

I enrolled in the Sociology and Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University with a desire to expand my knowledge on the social and political factors that affect education policy as it relates to comprehensive education. The esteemed faculty in the department of Education Policy and Social Analysis offered courses such as the Federal Policy Institute and School Law Institute. These institutes immersed me in the world of education policy both in Washington, DC and New York and connected me with influential leaders in research, government, and academia.

My career and research interests include comprehensive education, organizational culture, and urban education.

Currently, I serve as Operations Associate of the Charter Network Accelerator at Achievement First. The Charter Network Accelerator is an 18-month national leadership development program for CEOs and Instructional Leaders of charter management organizations. My range of responsibilities include project management, operations, team systems and data, and knowledge management.

Previously, I was an administrator at the Harlem Children’s Zone. As Dean of School Culture, I managed a team of change agents committed to the non-instructional needs of the scholars and school. I directly managed school data and systems, family engagement, discipline and attendance. I, also, worked closely with the school deans, school counselor, and social worker to ensure scholars were receiving the necessary support to be successful.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and graduate from TC. I often cross paths with TC alumni and am constantly reminded of the lasting impact the program has had on our career trajectories and the commitment we have to the work of preparing young minds and hearts for the bright futures ahead of them.

David Johns
Executive Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2006

Executive Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
U.S. Department of Education

I entered the Sociology and Education program at Teachers College while teaching on 110th Street and Broadway, walking distance from the school.  Having recently graduated from Columbia College, Columbia University, I was frustrated with how few students from underrepresented communities have access to high quality education and workforce development programs and support services and was looking for programs, policies and practices to improve things—to increase access and improve quality.  The Sociology and Education Program provided me with a framework for understanding how social policy is developed and codified, a valuable framework that has buttressed my work in Washington, DC both on Capitol Hill and in the Administration.

I am currently the Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans (Initiative). President Obama established the Initiative, by Executive Order, to “help to restore the United States to its role as the global leader in education; strengthen the Nation by improving educational outcomes for African Americans of all ages; and help ensure that African Americans receive a complete and competitive education that prepares them for college, a satisfying career, and productive citizenship.” The Initiative has been tasked with delivering high-impact, evidentiary based solutions to meet the challenges African American students, schools and communities striving for educational excellence, from cradle to career.

Through my work I maintain active relationships with researchers informing relevant policy and practice—including both teacher/mentors Aaron Pallas and Amy Stuart Wells. I strive to remain an active member of the Teachers College Alumni Community. This past fall I had the pleasure of speaking during the admitted students’ weekend and annually look forward to engaging with Professor Sharon Lynn Kagan and the Teachers College Federal Policy Institute. The annual alumni panel provides me with an opportunity to reconnect with fellow Teachers College Alumni MaryEllen McGuire and Phillip Herr.

Dana Leon-Guerrero
Accreditation Associate, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2010

Accreditation Associate
Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, Washington, DC

Every day, I use the knowledge and skills I gained in the Sociology and Education program.  During my 2.5 years with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, I have navigated between higher education, P-12, research, and policy settings in an effort to improve the preparation of educators.  It is at the cross-sections of these settings that I see our greatest hope for improving the teacher workforce.

In many ways, my work in designing standards and program evaluation is an extension of the research I began at Teacher’s College.  I have always been interested in how and what we teach teachers, and the study of social forces and their impact on education provided me with a new lens for exploring the topic.

Looking forward, I expect to develop resources for new and current educators by entering more entrepreneurial and technological spaces.

Though I have left the classroom, the perspective I gained as a teacher will never be lost. I am extremely thankful and encouraged by the fact that all the TC students, alumni, and faculty I have interacted with have a deep respect for teachers and the profession.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2021

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Growing up in Queens, New York, one of the most diverse cities in the world, I firmly understood that inequalities existed, but it was the rich inclusivity of my community that shielded me from the extent to which they predicted larger social outcomes. I was surrounded by people of varied races and cultures and for me, this was the norm. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida for my undergraduate education, that the reality of certain inequalities became more apparent, especially for people of color.

Soon after starting school in Miami, I began to notice how different it was compared to my hometown. The longer I was a resident, the more I saw how unfairly people of color were treated. Communities were racially divided; brown people—including myself— were ignored and discriminated against in multiple settings across the city. I was most shocked to observe these inequities up close on an educational level when I began my student teaching. I detected how the reality of these racial and economic inequalities affected students and families of color. This realization encouraged me to question how school systems have viewed students of color and their ability to succeed, as well as how these students survive and thrive in school while battling negative self-fulfilling prophecies placed on them historically. From then on, teaching students of color and focusing on their needs in a system that was never created for them, became my passion.

Upon undergraduate graduation, I entered the NYC Department of Education as an elementary school teacher, teaching various grades from kindergarten to third grade. As an elementary educator in Blue-Ribbon schools, I was able to design and implement fun, creative, compelling, rigorous, and evidence and social-emotional-based learning content to achieve organizational goals. I was committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion goals across content and audience by including culturally relevant best practices in each of my lessons and facilitating open dialogues on racial equity and social justice across school departments. However, questions about the history of the negative relationship between children of color and school systems remained. I applied to the Sociology and Education program at Teachers College to deepen my understanding of the social organization of schools and school systems that educate Black and Brown students. While at Columbia, I was able to further examine how the school system has viewed these students, while taking steps to create actionable and meaningful change in the world of BIPOC students, and beyond. I have also been able to connect and collaborate with industry pioneers like Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz and Dr. Sonya Douglass-Horsford to enact this significant shift.

In my current role as Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Brooklyn Kindergarten Society, an organization that has dedicated itself to providing high-quality early childhood education and serves communities and families with high rates of poverty and lack of economic opportunities, I am able to create organization-wide curricular and implementation improvements that prompt students of color to recognize their worth, magic, and genius each day. I am eternally grateful to TC for arming me with exceptional historical and current industry knowledge, and for helping me realize –and actualize –the power I have in this work.

Research Analyst, Research for Action

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2022

Research Analyst
Research for Action

My commitment to education began through my experience working in a public elementary school in Southwest Philadelphia during my undergraduate years. I both loved my time at the school while also being alarmed by signs of disrepair, trauma, and neglect. The joy I experienced interacting with students and staff made me want to become a teacher, which I did in the School District of Philadelphia and later in a charter school in the South Bronx. Yet the evidence of persistent inequalities and injustices that I was witnessing led me to constantly question the structures I was working in.

With these experiences at the forefront, I enrolled in the Sociology & Education MA program at Teachers College, an opportunity which guided me to cultivate and refine the questions I was asking. Throughout my coursework, I deepened my knowledge on the systemic factors that shape the context of schooling while also building expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Best of all, the Master’s Integrative Project gave me the opportunity to design and execute a research study from start to finish, empowering me to conduct a case study of a New Jersey school district in the midst of an integration initiative.

 Now as I pursue a career in education research, I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned alongside peers who taught and challenged me with their critical insights and range of perspectives. I look forward to staying connected and continuing to be inspired in the years to come! 

Donique Reid
Policy and Research Associate,
Alliance for Excellent Education
Sociology and Education Program 
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2014
Policy and Research Associate
Alliance for Excellent Education, Washington, DC
I began my journey in education as a volunteer for the Kid2College program in the Southwest region of the District of Columbia. One thing that became clear to me during this experience was that my students did not seem to have the same rigor of instruction that I enjoyed as a child. I remember engaging in a conversation around postsecondary opportunities as one student confidently shouted, “Harvard! There is no way we will ever go there.” Motivation to succeed is an important factor in education, but that day they seemed to think that there were limits to their success. A reoccurring theme that has driven my passion is the need to help students not only believe that they can achieve higher standards, but also to ensure that policies, curricula, and educators provide students with the resources and support to do so. 
I later received my professional teaching certificate and transitioned into the classroom teaching Spanish in Prince George’s County, Maryland. During that time, I continued to witness the challenges my middle and high school students faced and how those challenges impacted their ability to succeed. I saw the variation in teacher quality and, just as important, the differences in level of expectations they had for their students. These experiences lead me to pursue the Sociology and Education program at Teachers College.
Throughout my program, I developed a deeper understanding of the contextual factors shaping students’ educational experiences, particularly low-income students and students of color. I engaged in countless conversations around the inequities found in federal, state, and local systems of education and ineffective social policies. I left with a profound clarity about both the theoretical and policy considerations that are needed to ensure equitable access to high-quality educational experiences for students across the country. 
I am currently a policy and research associate at the Alliance for Excellent Education in D.C. and a fellow in the national Education Policy Fellowship Program. At the Alliance, I consistently have the opportunity to conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses to help shape federal policy decisions like the pending reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). I also play an integral role in shaping the strategic direction of policy activities within our standards, assessments and deeper learning portfolio. Prior to joining the Alliance, I served as a program evaluator for the National Urban League and a program coordinator for the Children’s Aid Society in New York City. During that time I gained experience designing and implementing research evaluations and piloted a middle school to high school transition program called Stepping Up. In the summer of 2013, I participated in the Education Pioneers fellowship where I focused on effective teacher recruitment investment strategies with Teach for America. 
Carlon Myrick
Director of School Support, The Achievement Network

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, MA 2013

Director of School Support
The Achievement Network

I came to TC’s Sociology and Education program after teaching four years at a public charter school in Brooklyn, NY. Around this time, I was sensing how complex and multifaceted educational inequity really was, and was specifically becoming attuned to challenges, from outside the school, that influence a child’s education. Each day, as I contrasted the need to understand the outside factors that shape current urban education with the “no excuses” mantra that permeated our school from the inside, my curiosity became insatiable. I knew it was time to delve more deeply into this curiosity and go to graduate school. Teachers College’s Sociology and Education program was a perfect match.

While I expected to broaden my knowledge base about the societal problems that manifest in urban education, I left with something even more valuable: multiple frameworks for understanding how society’s institutions may produce equity (or inequity) as a consequence of design. I came to understand that educational inequity is a small part of this larger story. And this perspective has been an invaluable part of my personal and professional growth.

In essence, my TC experience helped redefine what I identify as the root cause in educational inequity. Understanding the scope of the problem has helped me see that the landscape of social reform is not really a “landscape” fit for any broad brushed answers. Rather, it is more like a mosaic of many small solutions, to which I am even more deeply impassioned to commit in every way I can. Currently, I work as a Director of School Support with the Achievement Network. The Achievement Network (ANet) is a nonprofit that helps schools strengthen their practice around using standards and data to accelerate student learning in underserved communities. I specifically provide tailored coaching to over a dozen New Jersey school leaders, building their capacity to systematically apply and scale effective practice. Finally, I manage the strategic planning and delivery of network Learning and Professional Development for all 59 schools in our New Jersey Network. Outside of my professional responsibilities, I enjoy volunteering time and perspective to empower our sector’s professionals. Most recently, I have had the privilege to speak on career panel sessions for Education Pioneers and KIPP, contribute pieces to Teach For America’s “Pass the Chalk” blog, and to lead professional development training for the Urban Teaching Corps.

Jennell McHugh
Researcher, The American Institutes for Research

Sociology and Education Program
Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A. 2011

The American Institutes for Research, Washington, DC

Supporting students in the communities of North Philadelphia as a McNair fellow was my introduction to educating. I believed in this meaningful model of tutelage and mentorship, to which I was in many ways both benefactor and beneficiary. After moving back to New York, I became involved with The Princeton Review and segued this into a temporary teaching position at a public high school. All of these experiences led me to pursue my Master of Arts in the Sociology and Education program in the department of Education Policy and Social Analysis at Columbia University’s Teachers College.  Sociology was the lens through which I best began to understand the successes, limitations and failures of educational policies and practices. After experiencing Professor Kagan's Federal Policy Institute, I was convinced to move to Washington, DC and be part of the influential education research community. This unique and highly coveted course offered by Teachers College gave me a brutish yet motivational insider's perspective of our nation's political labyrinth.

Currently, I am part of a robust albeit small team at The American Institutes for Research, supporting the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS) program, contracted by the National Center for Education Statistics. We are currently working on the ECLS-K:2011 survey, intended to provide researchers and policymakers with meaningful national data on children's early school experiences, development and characteristics. In addition to strengthening my quantitative and analytic skills, my TC coursework in evaluation methods, cognitive interviewing and ethnography prepared me for many of the quality assurance activities I perform.

My interests and contributions to other areas of education research include urban university-community partnerships; monitoring competency-based education reform; policy solutions addressing learning loss; and a trend analysis of the roles of high school counselors.

I am appreciative of the relationships cultivated at TC, and am empowered by our network united by the mission to progress quality and equity in education for the purpose of improving and enlightening individuals and society.

Our graduates have held the following positions:

Doctoral Alumni:

Adjunct Professor, Allan Hancock College
Assistant Professor, Brescia College
Assistant Professor, York College
Assistant Professor of Education Foundations, Policy and Practice, University of Colorado-Boulder
Assistant Professor of Education Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Professor of Education, Johns Hopkins University
Assistant Professor of Education, Molloy College
Assistant Research Professor, Rutgers University
Assistant Vice President, Global Academic Planning, New York University
Assistant Vice-President, Strategy for Workforce Enablement Services, MetLife Global Technology and Operations
Associate Dean, MontClair University
Associate Director of Education and Employment Research Center
Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associate Professor of Instruction in Sociology, Temple University
Associate Professor, Department of Latin American and Latinx Studies, John Jay College
Associate ProfessorTemple University 
Chief Executive OfficerGlobal Potential
Chief Executive Officer, National Summer Learning Association 
Chief Executive Officer, Parchment
Consultant, Kisco Foundation
Data Analyst, College Board
Director of Enrichment Services, Hollingworth Center, Teachers College
Director of Health Promotion Center, York College
Director of Research Strategy and Policy, Center for Public Research and Leadership, Columbia University
Education Research Consultant, Self-employed
Education Researcher, SRI International
Executive Director, National Black Justice Coalition
Founder, National Summer Learning Association
FounderPhase Two Advisory
Founder & President, Italian American Museum
Nonresident Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institute
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Research Alliance for New York City Schools, New York University
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Rutgers University
Principal, Mildred Osborne Charter School
Professor, College of Wooster
Professor, Temple University
Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder
Professor, Wurzweiler School of Social Work
Program Officer, Kisco Foundation
Provost and VP of Student Affairs, Westchester Community College
Public DefenderThe State of Wisconsin
Research Associate, Research Alliance for New York City Schools, NYU
Research Project Manager, Policy Evaluation and Research Center, ETS
Researcher, Rutgers, Heldrich Center for Workforce Development
Senior Advisor, Council of Independent Colleges
Senior Associate, Social Policy Research Associates
Senior Director of Policy, Public School Forum of North Carolina
Senior Research Associate, NCREST
Senior Research Associate, Queensland University of Technology
Senior Research Associate, Social Policy Research Associates 
Senior Researcher, SRI Education
Senior Vice President of Programs and Advocacy, Schott Foundation

Master's Alumni:

Academic Manager, Teach for Pakistan
Accreditation Consultant, National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education
Admissions Coordinator, Calhoun School
Admissions Officer, Columbia Undergraduate Admissions Office
Analyst, Office of Student Enrollment, NYC Department of Education
Area Coordinator for Living and Learning Communities, Oberlin College
Assessor/Research Assistant, Chilean Ministry of Education
Assistant Dean of Admissions/Coordinator of Diversity Outreach, Phillips Academy
Assistant Director, Admissions, Columbia Journalism School
Assistant Principal, Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
Assistant Principal, Democracy Prep Public Schools
Assistant Professor of Higher Education, St. Cloud State University
Assistant Professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education, Miami University
Assistant Project Manager, Helps Education Fund
Assistant to the Director of Pre-College Programs, Barnard College
Associate Chief Diversity Officer, Strategic Initiatives
Associate Director of Admissions, Columbia School of Social Work
Associate Director of College Guidance, Gill St. Bernard’s School
Associate Director of Data Management, Uncommon Schools
Associate Director of Operations, Charter Network Accelerator, Achievement First
Associate Director, Academic Effectiveness and Accreditation, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University
Associate Director, HEAF
Associate Director, Research & Evaluation, iMentor
Associate Manager, Achieve, Inc. 
Associate Manager, Yamaha Corporation
Associate Project Manager, Amplify Education
Bronx Borough Outreach Manager, NYC Department of Education
Campaign Manager, Courtney Neron for Oregon
Career Program Manager, Posse Foundation  
Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Harlem Children's Zone
Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Compass Talent Group
Chief Inclusion Officer, Bonanza Communications
Chief of Staff, Oregon Legislature
Coach, Kids in the Game
College Access Director, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
College Advisor, Harlem Children’s Zone
College Counselor, Packer Collegiate Institute
College Persistence Counselor, KIPP
Community Engagement Administrator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Community Engagement Officer, World Vision
Community School Director, Center for Supportive Schools
Consultant, LFH Communications
Consultant, The Education Partners - GEMS Americas
Content Specialist, Professional Development, Summit Public Schools Charter Network
Coordinator for Student and Community Development Programs, University of Maryland
Coordinator of Public Consultation in Cultural and Heritage Education, Ministry of Culture and Arts
Country Support Officer, UNICEF
CSTEP Academic Advisor, City College of New York
Curriculum and Evaluation Manager, The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
Data and Assessment Manager, Public Preparatory Network
Dean of School Culture, Harlem Children’s Zone, Promise Academy
Dean, University of La Verne
Deputy Director of Continuing Education and Special Programs, Hunter College, CUNY
Deputy Director of Operations Integration, New Classrooms Innovation Partners, Inc.
Director for Higher Education Research, National Institute for Educational Policy Research
Director of Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Eugene Lang College, The New School University
Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Brooklyn Kindergarten Society
Director of Data and Research, DEIB, National Women's Law Center
Director of Early Learning Programs, Baltimore City Public Schools
Director of Evaluations, Studies & Social Development, Estudios y Consultorias Focus, Chile
Director of Growth, YVote
Director of Inclusion and Engagement, Educators For Excellence
Director of Institutional Research & Data Analytics, Gilman School
Director of Manhattan Planning, New York City Department of Education
Director of Pathways Fellowship, ExpandED Schools
Director of Programs, Minds Matter
Director of School Culture, Harlem Village Academies
Director of School Operations, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School
Director of the High School Program, Summer on the Hill
Director, Evaluation and Policy, NYC Department of Education
Director, Major Giving, International Rescue Committee
Director, New Partnerships, The Achievement Network
Diversity Recruiting Strategist, BlackRock
Diversity Research Specialist, Kent State University 
Doctoral Student, Child and Family Leadership, University of Denver
Doctoral Student, Claremont Graduate University
Doctoral Student, Economics and Education, Teachers College
Doctoral Student, Education Leadership, University of Arizona
Doctoral Student, Education Policy Studies, University of Maryland
Doctoral Student, Educational Policy, Michigan State University
Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy, Penn State University
Doctoral Student, Higher Education & Organizational Change, UCLA
Doctoral Student, Human Development, CUNY
Doctoral Student, International Comparative Education, Stanford University
Doctoral Student, San Diego State/Claremont Joint Ph.D. in Education
Doctoral Student, Sociology & Education, Teachers College
Doctoral Student, Sociology, University of California-Irvine
Doctoral Student, University of British Columbia
Doctoral Student, University of California, Irvine
Doctoral Student, University of California, Los Angeles 
Doctoral Student, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities  
Doctoral Student, University of Southern California
Education Coder, Analytica Inc.
Education Leadership Consultant, Lavinia Group
Education Manager, Success Academy
Education Pioneers Fellow, Achievement First
Education Policy Fellow, Teach For America Capitol Hill Fellowship
Education Program Specialist in the Office of Postsecondary Education, Higher Education Programs Office, Institutional Service Division, U.S. Department of Education
Education Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Education
Education Specialist, National Indian Education Association
Educational Associate, RMC Research
Educational Coordinator, The Renaissance University for Community Education at Harlem Children’s Zone
ELA Content and Assessment Specialist, NYC Department of Education
Elementary Educator, Second Grade, District of Columbia Public Schools
Elementary Educator, Third Grade, Jumoke Academy
Elementary School Teacher, Oakland Unified School District
Equal Rights Advisor, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Evaluation & Assessment Analyst, Elk Grove Unified School District
Evaluation and Assessment Manager, Harlem RBI
Executive Board Member, Child Care Council of Westchester
Expanded Learning Opportunities Associate, REACH - Teachers College
Federal Statistics Project Researcher, American Institutes for Research
Founder, Green Rose Publishing  
Founding Dean, KIPP
Graduate Student, Temple University
Head of Athletics and Operations, Achievement First
Head of Education, UNESCO Country Office in Afghanistan
Head of Philanthropy & Executive Director, Ares Charitable Foundation
Head of School, Shu Ren International School
Head Teacher, Helping Hands Learning Academy
Head Third Grade Teacher, Convent of the Sacred Heart
High School English Teacher, Democracy Prep Public Schools
High School Teacher, Success Academy Charter Schools
Higher Education Consultant, Learning Tree Group Irvine
Institutional Research Analyst, New York University
Knowledge Sharing Product Development Manager, New York City Department of Education
Learning Specialist, Research Foundation, CUNY
Lecturer, Qatar University, College of Education
Legislative Aide, U.S. House of Representatives
Literacy Consultant, LitLife, Inc.
Lower School Administrative & Operations Associate, Manhattan Country School
Manager of Business Operations and Partnerships, “I Have a Dream” Foundation
Manager of Programs, Harmony Project
Manager of the Young Men’s Program, South Asian Youth Action
Managing Director Curriculum and Instruction, Uplift Education
Mathematics Department Chairperson, Saint John's Preparatory School
NYS Governor’s Executive Chamber, Empire State Fellow
Operations Coordinator, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School
Operations Manager, Democracy Prep Public Schools
Outreach Director, Educators for Excellence 
Pathway Progression & Completion Analyst, Northern Virginia Community College
Policy and Research Associate, Alliance for Excellent Education
Policy Fellow, The Education Trust—NY
Post-Secondary Success Program Coordinator, Summer Search NYC
Postgraduate Associate, Yale Stress Center at Yale School of Medicine
Principal, NYC Academy for Discovery  
Principal, PS 306, the Academy for Discovery
Principal, Success Academy Charter Schools
Professor, Touro College
Program Analyst, United Nations Development Program
Program Associate, Achieve Inc.
Program Coordinator, CARPE DIEM
Program Coordinator, Children’s Aid Society
Program Coordinator, Institute for Urban and Minority Education
Program Development, ThinkHuman
Program Director, Education Pioneers
Program Director, Justice Scholars
Program Director, Phipps Community Development Corporation
Program Evaluator, Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation
Program Officer, U.S. Department of Education
Project Coordinator, Global Business Coalition for Education
Project Coordinator, New York City Department of Education Division of Early Childhood Education
Project Scientist, UCLA
Quantitative Research Analyst, Arlington ISD
Reporting Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization
Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research 
Research Analyst, Berkeley Policy Associates
Research Analyst, MDRC
Research Analyst, NYU Office of Institutional Research
Research Analyst, Research for Action
Research Assistant, Boston College
Research Assistant, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University
Research Assistant, Education Development Center
Research Assistant, Pullias Center for Higher Education
Research Assistant, TC/NCREST
Research Assistant, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Asia-Pacific
Research Assistant, University of Maryland
Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
Research Assistant, William T. Grant Foundation
Research Associate, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, Teachers College
Research Associate, Harder + Company Community Research
Research Associate, University of Southern California
Research Associate II, Research for Better Schools  
Researcher and Policy Analyst, Government of the Dominican Republic / Social Policy Cabinet
Residence Hall Director, Iona college
Right to College Program Consultant, College Access: Research and Action (CARA)
School Adjustment Counselor, Springfield, MA Schools
School Age Program Director, Marlene Myerson JCC
Senior Business Analyst, Amazon WWPS
Senior Instructional Designer, University of California
Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Independent University, Bangladesh
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Global Business Coalition for Education
Senior Partnerships Manager, The Opportunity Network
Senior Program Manager for Education Partnerships, United Way New York City
Senior Research Assistant, Community College Research Center at Teachers College
Senior Research Associate, Michael Cohen Group, LLC
Senior Researcher, Google
Senior Specialist, Team Lead, Communities In Schools
Social Service Worker, Kern County Department of Human Services
Sociology Instructor/Activities Center Associate, Choate Rosemary Hall
Special Advisor, City of New York, Administration for Children's Services
Special Education Teacher, Achievement First
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, NYC Department of Youth & Community Development
Student Activities Manager, CUNY Law School
Student Success Specialist, New York University
Student, Boston College Law School
Student, George Washington University Law School
Student, The University of Tokyo
Student, University of California-Berkeley Law School
Teacher Resident, Caliber Schools
Teacher, Albemarle County Public Schools
Teacher, Amani Public Charter School
Teacher, Bronx Charter School for Children
Teacher, College Achieve Central Charter School
Teacher, Convent of the Sacred Heart
Teacher, Del Valle, TX Independent School District
Teacher, Empowerment Academy Charter School
Teacher, Everman ISD
Teacher, Harlem Village Academies
Teacher, Jumoke Academy Charter School
Teacher, KIPP Believe College Prep School
Teacher, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
Teacher, McLaughlin School District
Teacher, Passaic Public Schools
Teacher, PS 234
Teacher, Uncommon Schools
Teacher, Uplift Education
Training Specialist & Coach, Peace Corps
Vice President, Mercury Public Affairs
Volunteer Coordinator, Jewish Family Service
White House Intern, Office of the Vice President
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