Knight-Manuel, Michelle G. (mk700)

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Knight-Manuel, Michelle
Professor of Education
Curriculum & Teaching

303 Zankel

Educational Background

Ph.D. (Curriculum and Teaching). University of California, Los Angeles

M.A. (TESOL, Language Development Specialist Credential/CLAD). Monterey Institute of International Studies

B.A. (French and Secondary Education Teacher Certification). Franklin and Marshall College

Scholarly Interests

Equity Issues in Urban Education; Teacher Education; Qualitative Research. Specifically:

  • Youth Studies (College Readiness and Access, Immigrant Education, and Civic Engagement)
  • Feminist Theories ( Black, Multicultural and Critical Race Feminisms)
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • African-American Teaching Practices with Diverse Populations
  • Culturally Grounded Research Methodologies

Watch Professor Knight Discuss Culturally Responsive Education

Watch Professor Knight Discuss Cultural Rules of Emotion

Selected Publications

Knight, M. & Marciano, J. (2013). College Ready: Preparing Black and Latina/o students for higher education – A Culturally Relevant Approach. New York: Teachers College Press

Knight, M. (2011).“It’s already happening”: Learning from civically engaged transnational immigrant youth. Teachers College Record,113(6), 1275-1292.

Knight, M. (2011). Where and how do “we” enter: (Re)imagining and bridging culturally relevant civic engagements of teacher educators, Teachers and Immigrant Youth. Teacher Education & Practice, 24, 3, 32-365.
Knight, M., & Oesterreich, H. (2011). Opening our eyes, changing our practices. Learning through the transnational lifeworlds of teachers. Journal of Intercultural Education, 22 (3),203-215.
Knight, M. (2010). Enacting care, preparing for college and increasing access for Black youth. Journal of Students Placed at Risk,15 (2), 158-172.
Oesterreich & Knight,  (2010). Facilitating transitions to college for students from culturally and linguisticlaly diverse backgrounds. In M. Adams, W. J. Blumenfeld, C. Castenada, H.W. Hackman, M.L. Peters, and X Zuniga (Eds.) Readiings for Divesrity and Social Justice (2nd Ed.) London: Routledge PressTeachers College Record,113(6), 1275-1292.

Knight, M., & Oesterreich, H. (2009). Pedagogical Possibilities: Engaging Cultural Rules of Emotion. Teachers College Record,111(11), 2678-2704.

Reid, K. & Knight, M. (2006). Disability for justification of exclusion of minorities: A critical history grounded in disability studies. Educational Researcher, 35(6), 18-24.          
Knight, M. (2004). Sensing the urgency and broadening our visions of teacher education. Race, Ethnicity, & Education, 7(1), 212-227.
Knight, M., Dixon, I., Norton, N., & Bentley, C. (2004). Extending learning communities:  New technologies, multiple literacies, and culture blind pedagogies. Urban Review, 36(2), 101-1118
Knight, M., Bentley, C., Norton, N., & Dixon, I. (2004). (De)constructing (in)visible parent consent forms: Negotiating power, reflexivity, and the collective within qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry.10 (3), 390-411.
Knight, M., Norton, N, Bentley, C. and Dixon, I. (2004). The power of Black and Latina/o counterstories:  Urban families and college-going processes. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 35(1), 99-120.
Knight, M. (2003). Through urban youth’s eyes:  Negotiating K-16 policies, practices, and their futures. Educational Policy, 17(5), 531-557.
Knight, M. (2002). The Intersections of race, class, and gender in the teacher preparation of an African-American social justice educator. Equity & Excellence in Education, 35(3), 212-224.
Knight, M. (2000). Ethics in qualitative research: Multicultural feminist activist research. Theory into Practice, 39(3), 170-176.


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