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Cross Registration: Important Information

  • Cross-registration with Columbia University begins later than registration in TC courses. In any given semester, we would anticipate opening cross-registration one week before the start of that semester. However, the actual opening date for cross-registration varies term by term. For specific dates, please e-mail two to four weeks prior to the start of a semester.  
  • Search Columbia’s directory of classes. Make sure to take note of the five-digit call number you will need to register. 
  • For a course requiring instructor or departmental approval, be prepared to obtain written, signed permission from the instructor or departmental representative. You may use TC’s special approval form, or you can ask the instructor/departmental rep to write up a short note indicating that you have permission to register. Bring the permission note to the Office of the Registrar at Teachers College (528 West 121st St., Room 324), forward the e-mail,  or fax it to (212) 678-3005. We will then enter the approval, and you can proceed to register. 
  • Once the TC Registrar has received and entered all necessary course approvals, you may register for a Columbia course online through the myTC Portal. Simply enter the five-digit Columbia call number when you are prompted to add classes; enter the call number in the same space where you would enter the CRN of a TC course. Make sure to save your changes and confirm your registration. 
  • Certain Columbia schools place additional restrictions on registration. To enroll in courses in any of these schools, you will need to obtain written approval. You will also have to register in-person with the TC Registrar (528 West 121st St., Room 324) or by faxing your completed registration form to us at (212) 678-3005. Please present your written approval along with the registration request. See below for instructions on obtaining approval (more details on are on the website).
    • School of Architecture: Approval granted in 4th Floor of Avery Hall, Admissions.
    • Business School: Pursue approval online through the Business School's cross-registration site.
    • School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA): Please view the list of SIPA courses that are open to TC students for the current term. Note that you must register for SIPA courses through myTC, or you will not receive grades or credits for those courses. Please see their cross-registration site for more information.
    • School of Journalism: Visit the Current Students site and click the link for "Cross-Registration: Other Students." For specific questions about approval, contact Melanie Huff, Associate Dean of Students, at

    • School of Law: Approval granted in the Law School Registrar’s Office, 5th Floor of William and June Warren Hall.

    • School of Social Work: Pursue approval online through this School's cross-registration site. Note that you must register for Social Work courses through myTC, or you will not receive grades or credits for those courses.

    • Any 0-point CU course: Students must register in-person with the TC Registrar.



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