Parking Policies and Procedures

528 West 121st Street Parking Area Policies and Procedures for Individuals with Disabilities

Location and Function 

The 528 West 121st Street parking area is a small facility located on 120th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. The entrance to the area is between the Zankel Building and Thompson Hall, just in front of 528 West 121st Street building. This facility can accommodate between six and eight vehicles based upon the utilization of a monitoring management system and based upon the size of vehicles parked. 

The facility is available for authorized use only. Authorized parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Teachers College is not responsible for any damage to personal property, including automobiles, through the use of this lot as a result of theft, vandalism, or misuse.

Concerns related to the use of the 528 West 121st Street Lot should be addressed to Marissa Sala, OASID Director, at or (212) 678-3689.

Authorization Procedures and Policy

There are two types of authorization depending on whether the vehicle is parked at the College on an on-going basis or just for one day.

On-going authorization

On-going authorization can be obtained by completing a Parking Authorization Form and providing appropriate documentation to OASID. A new form must be completed each semester. Appropriate documentation is defined as a valid state-issued parking permit. In addition, all individuals requesting authorized parking must provide medical documentation in support of the disability. The state-issued permit must belong to the person with a disability conducting business at the College who is either the driver or a passenger of the vehicle. Once the request for parking has been approved, a TC parking hang-tag will be issued. 

individuals with on-going parking privileges must abide by the following rules:

  • A TC parking hang-tag must be displayed on the rearview mirror.
  • The hang-tag must include the name and cell or office phone number where they can be reached.
  • Directions from Public Safety officers must be followed at all times.

One-day authorization

This type of authorization permits the College to accommodate visitors, event participants, and prospective faculty, staff, and students. Authorization to park for one day can be obtained directly from the Public Safety officer stationed at the entrance to the parking lot by presenting a valid state-issued parking permit. Individuals must display the name and cell phone number where they can be reached, as well a schedule of times and locations where tehy can be contacted while parked at TC.  In addition to a valid state-issued parking permit, appropriate proof of Teachers College business will be required. 

For both types of authorization, Public Safety officers must be able to contact you at all times when parked at TC.

Monitoring Procedure

Public Safety officers will verify that all vehicles are duly authorized and in compliance with parking rules and procedures. Parking infractions include:

  1. Lack of authorization
  2. Expired authorization
  3. Failure to display a TC parking hang-tag
  4. Failure to display driver’s schedule
  5. Provision of inaccurate schedule

Verification of compliance will take place on a regular basis by Public Safety officers and in response to a complaint alleging a parking infraction. Violations of parking rules will generate a written record and owners of the vehicles found in violation will be notified in writing.  Multiple infractions may result in suspension or termination of parking eligibility and/or vehicle removal.

Campus Access from 528 West 121st Street Lot

Access to all buildings can be obtained through various entrances adjacent to this parking area. Please see Wheelchair-Accessible Routes for additional information.

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