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Thank you for considering participation in our Internship Program! Each year we place top students in positions within student development, academic affairs, admissions, residence life, and multicultural affairs across the New York higher education community. We aim to supplement your office's needs and to provide our graduate students with significant work experiences and professional development opportunities in the field of higher education. 


Internship Fair & Placements

We place our students in internships via an internship fair.  The 2024-2025 HPSE Internship Fairs will be held virtually on April 4, 2024 and May 2, 2024. 

Steps for Participating in the Fair

  1. Send your job announcement to Diana Chadi at using the Position Information Form (attached below). In your email, state whether you will be participating in the April 4th or May 2nd  fair. (Note: if you participate in the April 4th fair and do not find a match, you can participate in the May 2nd fair as well).   
  2. Receive applications from students and schedule interviews with all applicants by April 4th. 
  3. You interview students remotely (by phone or through platforms such as Zoom or Google Chat) either prior to the fair or on the day of the fair. In order for us to match applicants, you must complete all interviews by the end of the day of the fair date so that there is no delay in submitting your ranking of applicants. 
  4. After the Internship Fair, you will be sent an email requesting your rank order preferences for candidates you interviewed. The candidates will also submit their rank-order preferences for internship sites. Our program will then match students to sites based on these rankings. You should NOT make offers to students directly until after we inform you which student has matched with your site. We will match you only with students that you choose to rank. 

Requirements for Internship Sites

Minimum Remuneration Requirements

  • $4,800/academic year (or equivalent tuition credit and/or housing) for 10 hours/week
  • $7,200/academic year (or equivalent tuition credit and/or housing) for 15 hours/week
  • $9,600/academic year (or equivalent tuition credit and/or housing) for 20 hours/week


Interns are not required to work during Thanksgiving Break (November 27-29, 2024), Winter Break (December 24, 2024 – January 20, 2025) or Spring Break (March 16-23, 2025). The dates of these break periods are listed in the email invitation you received as well as in the Teachers College Academic Calendar. If you would like to request that your intern work over one or more of these breaks, please discuss this possibility with your intern at the very beginning of their internship, and provide them with remuneration specifically for this work.

Supervision & Job Duty Requirements

  • Interns must have formal weekly supervision with their direct supervisor each work week.
  • The intern must have at least ONE substantive project they are responsible for throughout the school year.
  • Internship job duties must NOT consist primarily of administrative duties, such as answering phones, filing, and copying.
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