The Cohort Model

The Cohort Model


Our cohort model allows courses to be delivered over two consecutive five-week summer sessions. During the Administrative Internship, which takes place during the intervening school year, our graduate students return to their current placements, allowing them to maintain their positions and salaries while earning their degree.

Innovative leadership training programs point to the cohort as being one of the most significant attributes of meaningful professional development. In such a model, both professional and personal bonds develop, creating networks of friendship and support that last throughout careers. The strength of our cohort is drawn from our:

  • Diversity - racial, ethnic & geographic
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Personal achievements

By working with their cohort, our students become adept at pooling their knowledge, talents, and perspectives with others. Teamwork is seen as a crucial foundation that can lead to deeper solutions and commitment. After spending 14 months as co-authors of their own learning, SPA leaders begin their careers as school leaders knowing that when educational stakeholders are involved in decision-making early and often, they are far more likely to be invested in all outcomes.

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