How to File for a Masters Degree or Advanced Certificate

How to File for a Masters Degree or Advanced Certificate

I. When to File for a Masters Degree or Advanced Certificate?

Degree Application Filing Deadline

Final Project/Exam/etc.  Approval Deadline

Conferral Month

August 1

September 1


November 1

January 2


February 1

April 30



II. How to File for a Masters Degree or Advanced Certificate?

*As of May 21, 2020, graduation applications are no longer accepted via email or hard copy.

  1. Meet with your advisor to go over your Degree Audit and ensure you are on track to graduate. Your degree audit will show you which requirements you have met (using green checks). Red "X" marks indicate non-completion of a requirement. Audits with red "X" marks can still file for the degree if requirements will be met by the project deadline stated in section I. 
  2. Login to myTC portal
  3. Click on Student Resources
  4. In the Student Profile menu click on Apply to Graduate
  5. Follow the prompts to apply.

You can find detailed instructions on how to apply using the online portal here.

Please note: En passant degrees are not added automatically and must be applied for just like any other Masters degree. Please consult with your academic advisor who can either add your degree to your degree audit, or they can ask the Office of the Registrar to assist.

III. Degree Audit Process

The degree audit process is lengthy as each audit is reviewed individually.  

  • Once the semester has ended and grades are entered, a review of each applicant's Degree Audit is performed. Students whose degree audit continues to show deficiencies will be notified via TC email. 
  • Emails are sent verifying the degree has been awarded to those who have completed all requirements. 

Note: Students admitted in a Teacher Education program as of Autumn 2016 and after must complete the General Liberal Arts & Science, Content Core and workshop requirements in addition to curricular requirements as outlined by the program in order for the degree(s) to be awarded.


IV. Convocation

ONLY ONE University-wide Commencement ceremony is held each year in May.  All students who have applied for or earned a degree for that academic year will receive information in mid-March. Commencement is for all Columbia University students while Convocation is for TC candidates and graduates only. Refer to the following link for more information:

Please make sure your address is updated with our office to receive this important information.


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