Program Timeline

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What Does TR@TC's Timeline Look Like?

Start in January or May

In-person Coursework & Fieldwork

Students who apply for Spring Entry begin the program in mid-January, and those who apply for Summer Entry start in mid-May. Once enrolled, students take 3-4 courses for their respective certification programs during their first term.

They also participate in an additional fieldwork course that prepares them for the residency experience that starts in September. The fieldwork ends in June.

May through August

Intensive Summer Institute & Mentor Pairings

Both entries merge into one cohort and jointly participate in our Intensive Summer Institute. 

During this time, students take 2-4 courses from mid-May through mid-August and choose their Mentor Teacher by visiting classrooms in May and June.

After being matched, students and their Mentor Teacher are paired with a Residency Supervisor, thus forming what we call a "triad." 

Together, triads attend our week-long orientation in early August to prepare for the residency.

September through June

Residency and Integrating Seminar Begins

Students spend Monday-Thursday co-teaching and co-planning with their Mentor Teacher. Simultaneously, their Residency Supervisor will conduct observations and provide continuous feedback.

On Fridays, students meet as a cohort to share bits of knowledge, skills, and practical experiences.

Students continue with their required coursework for their respective certification programs, taking 2-4 additional courses each semester. Some students may need to complete coursework during the summer, which starts in mid-May.

May through August

Residency & Most Coursework Ends

Students complete their residency in June and prepare for their new roles as teachers of record in NYC public schools.

Some Spring Entry students will complete 1-2 final courses through mid-August, and some Summer Entry students may need to complete 1-2 courses through the fall semester.

August through June x 2

Start Teaching & Receive Induction Support
During their first two years of teaching, Induction Mentors support our alums with individualized support. Alums are matched and paired with Induction Mentors who visit their classrooms to assist them with curriculum development, lesson planning, classroom management, and more.
Our students agree to serve as a teacher of record in high-need schools in New York City for a minimum of three years.
Most Spring Entry students would graduate in May, with some officially graduating in October if they finished coursework over the summer. Some Summer Entry students officially graduate in October if they finish coursework over the summer. Still, most will officially graduate the following February as they finish a course or two in the fall.
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