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Meet Our Residency Supervisors

Teaching Residents are also paired with Residency Supervisors who act as liaisons between Teachers College and Partnership Schools and are an important resource for both Teaching Residents and Mentor Teachers. Our Residency Supervisors work with Teaching Residents to identify specific areas of challenge, strength, and interest. In this way, Teaching Residents participate in their learning as they improve, analyze, and re-think their practice. Our Residency Supervisors are paid and offer experienced perspectives on curriculum development and teaching practice. For 2022-2023, we have over five Residency Supervisors; you can learn more about them below!

Residency Supervisor

Experience & Expertise

  • A 30-year career in education 
    • 6-12 Teacher
    • Staff Developer
    • School Leader
  • TESOL, ELA, Social Studies, etc.
Residency Supervisor

Experience & Expertise

  • Fmr. 9-12 Educator (10 yrs)
  • Ph.D. student at the CUNY Graduate Center
  • Team Dream Educator
  • Pronouns: She/her
Residency Supervisor

Experience & Expertise

  • Fmr. 9-12 Educator (18 yrs)
  • Fmr. MƒA Master Teacher
  • Program Officer at M­ath for America (MƒA)
  • STEM
  • Fund for Teachers Recipient
Residency Supervisor

Experience & Expertise

  • K-20 Educator (15 yrs) 
  • Professor, Tri-State Area
  • Ph.D., Special Education
  • Special Education, Early Childhood, Adolescent Education

Past Residency Supervisors

Not Supervising This Year

Experience & Expertise

  • NYCDOE Educator (9 yrs)
  • Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist
  • Curriculum Developer and Teacher Leader
  • Special Education
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