Students can apply for financial aid during the application process. All students are eligible to apply for scholarship, so all applicants are encouraged to complete the scholarship section of the admissions application. Please click here to review a list of scholarships. All students who apply within the priority deadlines for admissions are considered for financial aid, so it is strongly recommended that you apply no later than the priority deadline—usually in January. Students may also apply for other types of financial assistance. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.

There are also a limited number of Research and Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships across the college that pay a salary and provide tuition exemptions points. Find more information about these positions here. Also, qualified and experienced AL and TESOL students may be invited to teach as a Master Teacher in the Community Language Program, and these individuals receive a salary and tuition exemption points. Please note that international students cannot work in their first semester, and are limited to work 20 hours per week when employed.

Doctoral students in their final semester can apply for two TC grants:

1) Grant-In-Aid

2) Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG)

To apply for Grant-In-Aid, students must submit the Grant-In-Aid form to Financial Aid. To apply for the DDG, students must submit the DDG interest form, along with a written statement of purpose, a recommendation letter from their TC faculty dissertation sponsor, and a copy of the student's CV. For detailed information, click here.


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