Links to Relevant Philosophy and Education Websites

PIPEline is a monthly, short-form interview program with a focus on philosophy and education.
The Philosophy of Education Society is an international forum that promotes the philosophic treatment of educational practice, policy and research, advances the quality of teaching the philosophy of education, and cultivates fruitful relationships between and among philosophers, philosophers of education and educators.
PESGB is a learned society that promotes the study, teaching and application of philosophy of education.
The Center for Ethics and Education aims to foster and support work that brings the tools and perspectives of contemporary moral and political philosophy to bear on concrete problems that arise in addressing problems of education practice and policy. 
OVPES endeavors to: promote the fundamental philosophic treatment of the problems of education; promote the clarification of agreements and differences among the several philosophies of education through the opportunities for discussion afforded by annual meetings; advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education both in schools for the education of teachers and in other educational institutions; cultivate fruitful relationships between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education; cultivate fruitful relationships between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education; encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education. (Taken from PES)
PESA's aim is to promote research and teaching in philosophy of education.
International Network of Philosophers of Education
NPE grew out of an international conference of philosophers of education held at Pecs, Hungary from August 21-24, 1988. 
The Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (CPES) is devoted to philosophical inquiry into educational issues and their relevance for developing educative, caring, and just teachers, schools, and communities.
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