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Open quotesIn Just One Thing five Teachers College faculty reflect on one thing from all that we’ve learned and experienced since March 2020 that they want to make sure we don’t forget. The responses range in topic and tone, but they share a common theme of learning to better connect and care for one another.Close quotes

Just One Thing Episodes

Episode One: Pam Koch

Why Equity in Food Access Matters

Teachers College Professor Pam Koch is joined by Tony Hillery, founder, and CEO of Harlem Grown to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic further exposed inequities and fragility in access to nutritious food - and how this basic need must be addressed moving forward.

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Episode Two: Nathan Holbert

Reimagining Learning Environments

When students were abruptly sent into remote learning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teachers College Professor Nathan Holbert experienced the moment as a parent of two young children. He reflects on the possibilities, privileges and patterns that experience highlighted in how we think about “learning environments.”

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Episode Three: Sonali Rajan

Informal Interactions Sustain Our Work

Professor Sonali Rajan researches gun violence through the lens of impacts on health. She discusses how when the COVID-19 pandemic caused Teachers College to move to remote work, it made visible how much informal interactions that might have otherwise gone unnoticed sustain her work.

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Episode Four: Michelle Troche

The Importance of Telehealth

When the COVID-19 pandemic made physically accessing health care more difficult and risky, many turned to telehealth when they could. Professor Michelle Troche makes the case for how this tool can continue to broaden access to health care going forward - if we use it wisely. She’s joined by George and Elizabeth Lonsberry, who share first-hand how telehealth kept them connected with crucial health services.

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Episode Five: Jacqueline Simmons

The Practice of Wandering

Professor Jacqueline Simmons shares her experiences of wandering over the past year, how that practice helped her process personal loss, and how she can carry the value of wandering into approaches to curriculum development.

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